Friday, September 30, 2016

Saturday Adventuring

It surprises me to admit this, but sometimes I love just getting out and going somewhere I haven't gone before. Discovering a new adventure and seeing new things. I'm grateful for these days where I have built in companions who are willing and interested in going with me.

Last Saturday was Free Museum Day. Have you ever done that before? We went to an art museum one year and then a ships museum this year. Rachel, Samuel and I {Emily wanted to stay home} went and we were all free plus free parking - we spent only a few gallons of gas and a few hours but it was refreshing.

One of the benefits, I think, is just the offering of a different perspective. There is also the opportunity to learn something and experience something new and making a memory together.

Captain Rachel and First-Mate Samuel {and vice versa} had fun setting sail for their maiden voyage in the steering cabin which was in the basement of the museum.  I enjoyed the garden outside and it was fun that we stumbled upon a wedding being set up for that evening.

After a long week that left me feeling discouraged and worn out, it was a good reminder to me that I like these little side trips that we are privileged to take. I like free opportunities that fit our schedule and interests, I like taking pictures, I like seeing the delight on these faces that were with me. And, once again, I am grateful - heady memories are built on ordinary simplicities like these. 


Unknown said...

Ooh fun! I love thoes lights!

Tammy said...

Girl, where in the world are you?
We've been to that museum, and it's great. They didn't have the basement opened when we went, I don't believe. Have to go again.

We're about 60 miles from Savannah, very rural. Small world!