Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Christmas Movies

I know some of you are groaning that I'm talking about Christmas. But it is real and happening already in our house! Cozy is one of my love languages and I often tease that if my kids learn anything from me it is going to be the art of cozy!

Perhaps it is my coping mechanism that our a/c is still on and today was so hot out. But let's face it, in reality it is simply my love for Christmas that the month of December is not long enough to contain all the fun I want to enjoy.

I confessed on Instagram the other day that I have begun listening to Christmas music here and there and of course, watching Christmas movies! One commenter on my last Slow Day post asked for my favorite Christmas movies and I'm happy to oblige!

The Christmas Card
The Christmas Shoes
The Christmas Blessing
Homeless for the Holidays
Christmas Angel
The Christmas Pageant
Christmas with a Capital "C" 
While You Were Sleeping
The Christmas Child
A Very Merry Mix Up
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Mrs. Miracle 2
Christmas Lodge
The Heart of Christmas
The Christmas Candle
November Christmas
Silver Bells
Miracle on 34th Street
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Christmas Oranges
Polar Express
Charlie Brown Christmas
The Grinch

Please add your favorites in the comments!


Leanne said...

I love this!! here are two more...
While You Were Sleeping :-) (not for my kiddos... just me!)
and A Christmas Carol-- the version with Patrick Stewart--it is SO GOOD! you can get the DVD on Amazon Prime right now for 8.18 :-)
And we keep the Piano Guys CD "A Family Christmas" in our car all year... I love their version of Carol of the Bells!

Mom said...

Christmas movies always make me think of you! This is a great list - some I've never heard of and some I have great memories of watching with you! :) My favorite Christmas movies are oldies - It's A Wonderful Life and White Christmas. I consider Little Women a Christmas movie, too - which I love. And While You Were Sleeping (these mashed potatoes are so creamy!), Polar Express (tickets please!), and Charlie Brown Christmas are also favorites. :)

Anonymous said...

My Grand-daughter and I found one called "Angel's in the Snow" last year. We love it. Can't wait for it to come back on.
Love you blog,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for listing these out! We love Holiday Inn with Bing Crosby and Charlie Brown Christmas. Third Day has their Christmas Offerings concert on DVD - our favorite Christmas album! We also like the Beatrix Potter DVD about the Tailor of Glouchester. And The Snowman.

Elise said...

I didn't see, "Prancer", on your list!!!! I LOVE that movie-maybe because Sam Elliot reminds me of my dad. Also, on the cheesier side is, "The Road to Christmas", is one of my favorites. Otherwise, we share a few of the same favorites.

Anonymous said...

Totally in the same boat, Monica. It's hot and our a/c is still kicking on. I love "cozy." Sometimes watching Christmas movies when it's hot out or roaming Hobby Lobby Christmas isles this time of year is such a reprieve from our sultry summer. I've watched The Christmas Card twice already this summer. LOL! I love the scenery in that movie and the cozy family cabin. It also has a good story line. The acting is better than some I have seen. :) I also enjoy many others you have listed. Another thing I like about Christmas music or movies in the summer is, you can really focus on Christ and His birth without all the holiday busyness whirling around you. That's fun, too, but makes it tougher for me to focus.

Andrea L.

Dawn said...

Our favorite Christmas movie is Christmas in Connecticut. It is a fabulous old movie!! We watch it all season, but it has become our New Years Eve tradition.

Carol Blanchet said...

Our favorites are
White Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
While You Were Sleeping
A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Grinch who stole Christmas
Arthur Christmas

We haven't broken out the Christmas movies yet, but we listen to Christmas music all year long. :-)


Anonymous said...

Muppet Christmas Carol, Elf (my babies are much older :-), While you Were Sleeping, Shop Around the Corner, Charlie Brown, Arthur Christmas, White Christmas, Little Women...just to name a few. We also love Christmas music ,can't wait to hear Lauren Daigles new Christmas CD. ~tammy