Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Chopped at Home

During our trip, a favorite thing was getting to watch cable at night in the hotel rooms! Not having cable at home, this is a treat and the channel my children enjoyed the most was the Food Network! They love watching Chopped and especially Chopped Jr.

After arriving home, I came up with a little at-home version that we played together one afternoon. Samuel and I were the judges and the girls were the contestants. We didn't eliminate anyone, but let them keep creating through the rounds.

I tried to think of mystery ingredients that were not too obscure and that we already had on hand, plus something that we would actually all eat!

Appetizer Round Mystery Ingredients:
French Bread
Sliced Co-Jack Cheese

Rachel mixed diced apple with hummus and made toasted garlic bread with cheese garnish on top. Emily made a salad with french bread croutons that she grilled on a hot skillet. She served this with hummus and carrot sticks and another piece of french bread with apple on top. She put the cheese in her salad.

Samuel and I agreed that Rachel won this round! The apple and hummus mixed together were delicious and creative. 

Entree Round Mystery Ingredients:
Cooked, Diced Chicken
BBQ Sauce

Rachel made BBQ Chicken Salad, Cheese Quesadilla and cinnamon peaches. Emily made BBQ chicken, a grilled peach and a peach crisp - tortilla with peaches, sugar and cinnamon inside. Emily's peach crisp was really delicious so we allowed her to win this round even though it was not an entree and more of a dessert.

Dessert Round Mystery Ingredients:
Ice Cream Sandwiches
Rice Krispies
Andes Mints

Rachel crushed up the andes mints and pressed them into the sides of her ice cream sandwich. She made a rice krispie treat with chocolate sauce, marshmallows, cereal and sprinkles on the side. Emily kept her ice cream sandwich simple but made a sauce for the top with rice krispies, melted mints and sprinkles that she drizzled over the top and froze. She dipped her forks in water and then sugar to make them extra special for eating with.

We declared both girls tied in winning the game and we all had so much fun!

I was so impressed with both the girls creativity and not caving under the pressure of being timed!


Tina Leigh said...

I would like to make a reservation for two please!!!!!
I've never heard of or watched that show but those two cute chefs have concocted some some great looking food!

Wendi said...

Yay for the girls not caving to the pressure of the timer. The pressure of the timer always seems to put Megan on edge. We may need to do this. Love it!

Mom said...

FUN!! And great job, Emily and Rachel :)

angie said...

Your girls appear so confident in the kitchen. This is a gentle reminder to get my daughter more involved in cooking (although, admittedly, there is not much of that happening here this summer!). She and I compliment each other as she prefers to cook and I prefer to prep and clean up.

Unknown said...

How fun!!!!

eanderso said...

That was such a great idea, Monica. I need to see if I can watch that show for free somewhere on-line. Looks fun! The girls were creative--love that.

Carrie (signed in as E)

Jill said...

How cute! Looks like they had a great time :-)