Friday, June 17, 2016

DIY Thrifty Cloth Napkins

We use cloth napkins almost exclusively at home and with heavy use, several of them are getting holes in them or quite ratty looking! I knew I wanted to make some new ones this summer and you may have seen me working on them in my Slow Day post last week.

I bought one large flat sheet at Goodwill and cut 36 squares out of that one sheet, it was only a few dollars. The squares were 16" square and after cutting them out - I simply ironed one small edge {about 1/8 of an inch} and then folded over again to stitch in place.

These would make a great gift too and are so thrifty to make!


Mary Ann said...

We love using cloth napkins too! Last year I replenished our supply since our random collection was quite worn out! It was a good use of fabric scraps.

Elise said...

I had quite a collection of cloth napkins, but got rid of a bunch of them, because we didn't use them. I love the way they look on people's ig posts, and they are certainly better for our environment. Maybe I'll start using them. Did you miter your edges, or just do one side at a time?

Shelby said...

Love it Monica. Your resourcefulness is inspiring. xoxo