Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tour Your Own Hometown

When we go on vacation, we are intentional about our time - planning a mix of things to see and do and plenty of time to relax. But how often to we get touristy in our own town? Um, not very often!

My parents gave us a great gift of experience for Christmas to take a buggy tour that includes local history together and we were able to save it and enjoy with my Mom on her recent visit!

It was so fun to share this with her, be on the buggy instead of stuck behind it in traffic and learn historical information about where we live including names we've heard and not known the story about.

Do you take the time and energy to tour something locally?! This is a perfect time of year with summer coming up to think of something near your home that you've never done before - go create a memory!

1 comment:

Mom said...

I so enjoyed being able to do this with you! I was glad to see and learn more about the beautiful and interesting details in your historic southern town. :) Thanks for including me!!