Monday, May 30, 2016

Slow Sunday Afternoon

Lately I have been thinking about bloggers who write great content on their blogs and write books. Sometimes it seems as though I don't know what else to write while others around me continue to write and write and write.

The truth is, I write in two ways - I publish posts here in this space and then I have my journal where I process and write as well.

This morning I'm processing this: this will never be the blog you come to for something new and fresh every day content. This will be the blog that is consistent in promoting slow and beauty and like the tag line says above, "cultivating the simple pleasures of faith, family and home."

There are no blogging police that say I have to do anything specific or be anything certain. I am me and this is me - and I love that other bloggers have their own personality and message as well. I love that about blogging - I started this blog in 2005, which in blogging years is ancient history.

This space has grown to be such an extension of myself and really it feels like a space of friendship and a place where I am me.

In the midst of the busy of life - I want this space to be a pause. A place where I talk about taking an hour long walk on a Sunday afternoon and sitting still that long next to the pond as well! I want it to be the place where small, ordinary, everyday beauty is discovered and enjoyed.

And, a place where you feel like you've taken a deep breath - I guess I want this place to be like a slow Sunday afternoon - a dose of rest, refreshment in slowing down and a chance for you to catch your breath and prepare your heart for the next thing God brings.

Slow down enough today to enjoy one little thing that comes your way!


Mom said...

It was lovely to enjoy this relaxing and peaceful Slow Sunday Afternoon with you! :)

(PS: Hi, Jordin - great to meet you!)

Jennifer Williams said...

Your blog is wonderful just the way it is! It is such a good reminder to me what is important in life and what isn't. I am striving to cultivate SLOW in my life, and you are an inspiration. Thank you!

Michelle said...

Your blog is a refreshing place of relaxation, for sure. And it does change, slowly, as your kids are growing and you're doing different things as a family. I've been reading for years, and I haven't lost interest yet. ;) I think I started when your oldest was turning 5 and you took her to Disney World, and now she's... I'm not sure, 11 or 12?

I look forward to see how your days and rhythms change, little by little, as your kids move through childhood into adolescence and beyond. I hope you keep blogging that long! :)

Mary Ann said...

I've always enjoyed your blog because you are just you! Our blogs are a reminder of the passage of time and how our lives are made up of seasons we pass through. Yours is certainly this way as well, but there is an underlying theme of living intentionally, finding beauty and living with a heart of gratitude.

Blessing to you, sweet friend!

Terri S said...

I love your blog just the way it is. I also have been following you for many years and love that I can find a nice breath of fresh air on the internet. Thank you for being real and being you. Definitely no reason to apologize for that as you just revealed in the 40 days of God's Truth! Thank you so much for beauty and slow. Blessings, Terri S

domenica.60 said...

I'm following your blog with much joy !
Thank you for sharing your world .
Sending you a big hug ,

Stephanie in SC said...

I started reading your blog many years ago, when my children were all still at home, and I was Homeschooling. The kids have all graduated, and I only have my 'baby' son left at home, who is still in college. Now, instead of looking at your blog at 'recess' , I look at your blog at lunch, since I now work full time. Your blog is beautiful, uplifting and relevant. Return readers I know will agree!

Anonymous said...

Monica -- I always pop over to your blog; love the gentle flow and the way Family is held in high regard. Your soft spirit and way of writing allows we readers the time to be refreshed and draw closer to The Lord. I would say that your blogging style just makes me 'feel good' -- faithful, informative and simply lovely both in words and photographs. Thanks for sharing heart & soul on the pages with us over the years Monica -- you matter "much"!!