Monday, May 16, 2016

Fairy Gardens

We were recently invited to make fairy gardens in the lovely garden of a friend! I realized the sweet blessing of being invited to a fun event like this and not having to really do anything but come - usually I'm the one thinking up an event and putting it on and this was a special treat! It helps me realize that it is special to those I invite to come make memories by just showing up.

We left feeling refreshed and grateful!


domenica.60 said...

What a wonderful idea for making a garden a special one :)
Have a nice week

*carrie* said...

Glad you had fun. And, yes, hooray to not initiating or implementing the event!

Shelby said...

Love the little gardens and glad you were on the receiving end:) Love Rachael's Lalaloopsy garden.

Alyssa Spring said...

I love fairy does my daughter. It's definitely on our list of things to do this spring.