Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mother's Day Slow Ideas

Good morning! Mother's Day is coming up - it seems earlier this year! I still have some sweet gift sets and am offering a coupon code and even a giveaway today! Yippee!

You can use the code GIVESLOW for $5 off your gift set! There is a huge post with lots of photos and details here that you can reference for many more specifics about this sweet set I've had fun putting together! All gift sets will ship no later than Monday, May 2nd! And, shipping is still included for US addresses!

I'd also love to give one set away! Yay! Leave a comment on this post with your favorite way to slow down on Mother's Day! Comments will be accepted until Friday, April 29th at 8pm EST. Winner must have a way to contact them and a US shipping address.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the inspiration of a Mother's Day picnic found on Pinterest! Here are some great ideas in case you are still making plans!

Breakfast in a Box

Picnic Inspiration

Sweet idea from Southern Living

An adorable box lunch!

Beautiful brunch!

DIY R&R Day from Ann Voskamp and the version I tried at home!

A treasured memory: Mother's Day picnic 2008!

Adorable banner printable

Mother's Day free printables

Printable Mother's Day cards

Can't wait to hear your ideas too! Also, you can now pre-order my book!!!!! Right now, only through the publisher's website but soon through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. Also, it will be available as an ebook eventually too but not for pre-order. Yay!


Unknown said...

My favorite way to slow on Mother's Day is to read the newspaper and eat breakfast in bed as I take my time getting out of bed for the day.

Heather said...

I am slowing on Mother's Day this home by just being home with my family. We typically keep things home centered, but have hit a season of business in the last 6 weeks. Weekends were taken with play performances, family visiting us, us visiting family, out of town get together with long time friends and other random things. It has been exhausting and wonderful, but I am ready for a quiet weekend home! I also plan to play in the dirt and get a bunch of things planted in my garden. Can't wait!

Chas said...

I'm so excited to hear about all the wonderful things happening for you! I think my favorite thing about slowing on Mother's Day is being VERY intentional. Soaking in and savoring all the sweetness my family tries to relish on me. For instance, sitting and drinking the coffee they bring it to me instead of trying to do 10 things and drink it, or going first in line when they insist because it's Moma's day. <3 Forgetting the cleaning and upkeep, just for one day and completely saturating myself in my blessings and enjoying all that the day has in store.


Lisa M. said...

I usually spend it at church and then a quiet day at home. This year I will be out of town on a band trip with my son. We will visit a museum and eat at our favorite restaurant on the way home.

Anonymous said...

This will be the 1st year I won't be with my mom on Mother's Day, so I'm still deciding how I'm going to celebrate my mom and mil from afar. Hopefully something homemade! And tradition since we married is to have lunch for our families on Mother's Day so this year I think I will still make a special lunch to celebrate being a momma. And I love baking so I'm going to make a special dessert and sit down and savor it slow... Definitely get a walk in, maybe at the local lake! And end the day with some candles... Love that idea and haven't lit a candle in ages! What a sweet blessing to be a momma!!
Excited to pre order too!!
Amanda h

Lisa said...

I enjoy going to church on Mother's Day and then coming home to a peaceful relaxing afternoon. A nap maybe. If the weather is nice I will sit on my deck with a cup of coffee and read. My son and I will enjoy playing card games or maybe watch a movie.

Also thanks so much for the Truth Telling series! I look forward to reading the scriptures and applying them to my life. God is good!


domenica.60 said...

Thak you for the beautiful ideas for the Mother's Day !
We always celebrate this day with a cake in the form of a heart and shipped cream ...a very sweet cake like every Mum !!

Hannah F said...

My favorite way to do "slow" on Mother's Day is to always take a drive as a family. We never know where we'll end up - the mountains, a creek, a playground for the kids with coffee in hand. Driving with my husband is how we connec t these days with the children happily occupied with the scenery and the excitement of not knowing what's around the next corner.

Rachel C. said...

I love getting up on Sunday morning and getting all my homemade cards brought to me in bed, husband brings me coffee, we head to church and hear the word of God preached. Then we have lunch at our favorite Mexican spot as we do most Sunday afternoons, then home to play in the yard watching the kids ride bikes and husband tinkering in his shed. It doesn't get any Slow-er then that!!!!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I would love a chance to win this gift pkg. Thank you! My "boys" (this includes DH) usually take me out to eat, which we rarely eat out, so it is a nice gift. This year however, I would like to come home after church and just grill out and hang out and visit, play games etc in the afternoon. My oldest is married and my youngest is finishing up his jr year in college. We don't get to all be together very often any more, and that is my idea of "slow" and a perfect Mother's Day gift.

angie said...

When my mom was visiting over Mother's Day five years ago, we asked her what she would like to do for the afternoon. She requested we pick up sandwiches from a favorite local place and head to where she could have a view of water. She is a simple one to please. That begun a tradition, which I'm sure we will continue this year. The sandwiches won't be the same :( and the water will be from a different ocean,but the family love will tie this year's memory to years past.

monica said...

Going to church with my family and not having to cook!
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Carly said...

We like to take a walk to look at flowers for Mother's Day!

Aimee said...

We usually invite other families to go to a large downtown park and have a picnic...it's always really relaxing and the kids all enjoy it too.

heatherc said...

I love blessing my Mother with Slow, by taking her out to be waited on at her favorite restaurant and blessing her with the view of a beautiful bouqet of flowers!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Just a simple meal together - with my mom - or if I have to share her out with my eight younger siblings and their families - then its a quiet day at home (after service)with my own little family.

It's fun to see what the kids will say or do for Mom on Mother's Day!

PS: I love, LOVE your tablecloth. Is that hand-embroidered?

Kelli said...

My favorite way to slow on Mother's Day is to stay home. When my kids were younger I loved going someplace on Mother's Day but now I like to be home with my family....just the five of us. Slow breakfast , hanging out back, BBQ for dinner. Such fun emerges apcan be made just staying home..

Simply Quaint said...

I am hoping to have my daughters and families over for a early brunch....this is my one daughters first Mother's Day and I want it to be very special for her....,I would love to be put in for giveaway.......what a nice set....


Anonymous said...

Not sure my original comment "worked"-please delete this one if it did.

I want to just stay home with my husband and girls. Nowhere to rush off to and just hang out enjoying being with each other!

Down Cedar Lane said...

I love my family. However, we are a big and busy family. So to slow down on that day will be such a gift to me. We plan to go to church and afterwards I hope my husband will grill something I prep. And then I just want to rest...play cards with the family, linger over lunch, take a nap...:)

Karen at tjsmom@conwaycorp.net