Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring and Random Photo Shares

Spring hits me every year with a forceful blow of busyness it seems. Activities gearing up to finish, summer plans getting laid out, trying to finish school strong while weather beckons outside.

I think it also has to do with Spring being a season of fatigue - the school year is nearing its end and energy is not as plentiful as it was in the Fall after rest over the summer. Pollen showers down and blows around in clouds and combined with heat and bugs zaps energy easier than usual.

The beautiful blooms, spotted lady bugs and pretty and chattering birds are all such a treat for the senses. So maybe this over-stimulation is part of things too.

Here are some random snippets from our life lately:

We've spotted this bird numerous times in the past week, this photo was taken from me sitting in bed with our blinds open! I've tried to capture a beautiful blue bird and have gotten so close to a photo but he always flies away. Their songs are plentiful in the early morning and their colors so beautiful!

Occupying a little boy in the car during 4H for two hours can get a tad interesting - taking silly pictures proved to be a lighthearted diversion that had him giggling: so cute!

Rachel was invited to a sweet woodland animals birthday party and we both enjoyed the sack races! A walk through the woods was so peaceful, beautiful and refreshing. Deer thundered through water collected in a grove of trees - it was over in seconds - but so majestic and amazing!

I love walks in the woods!!!

Also had a chance to celebrate a dear friends birthday - the honey bee theme was so fun and I made that popsicle stick honeycomb on the wall - love it! Inspired by this.

I've been working hard this week on polishing up my book and completing final edits!! This is getting exciting!

After a super busy weekend, my sweet son brought me homemade granola breakfast in bed. Love.

Well, how is that for a bunch of random things?! Happy weekend to you, friends -


Wendi said...

I love random post. Isn't that what life really is... a bunch of this and that which adds up to make life beautiful. I have been feeling the spring push myself. So many things to do... cleaning, yard work, projects, speech meets, science fairs, Easter, a school carnival, and a return to teaching Sunday School. Whew! Thankful that next week spring break begins so we can have some lazy mornings and recharge.

Shelby said...

Love your random post Monica. The pictures are priceless. You have an eye for photography that is for sure. Love that your children love you well, how sweet. Shelby~

domenica.60 said...

What a lovely pictures! very precious moments of life ( sorry for my English!it isn't sure good!)
Happy weekend,

Mom said...

Love these photos, especially the funny faces with Samuel! :)

Christy Stanton said...

Love the pictures with your son, priceless! Also, love the random photos.

Anonymous said...

So much living happened within the activities portrayed in this post. When I first started reading your blog years ago, our lives were much simpler. I'm sure that any one of these activities would have been fodder for an entire post. Now, so much happens in the span of a day with you and your children all having independent activities.
After pinning countless ideas for a bee themed tea party, I settled for a banner and a headband from the dollar store transformed into a Queen Bee tiara. Oftentimes, my ideas are grander than my motivation. I'm impressed that you make all of these hosting events happen, full of such beauty. The popsicle stick honeycomb turned out so well, especially against that wall color! Did you bake all of the goodies on the tiered serving tray?

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Love it all. I love Spring! I find I am very lethargic and yucky in the winter. Spring revives me for some reason. But if I am not careful YOU are so right it can lead to extreme busyness and exhaustion. You can feel so depleted you miss the reviving purpose of spring.