Friday, March 11, 2016

Slow Weekend

I love having nothing planned on a weekend especially after a couple of busy days. Last Saturday I plopped on the couch and stayed there for hours. I was in my pj's all day. And, it was perfect.

It felt so restorative to do so little. The house was a wreck at the end of the day so we had a quick clean up session before dinner was served and it was a great ending to the day.

The girls camped out on the screened in porch and I felt very adventurous and tried homemade apple fritters. They were good but not good enough to invest that much time in again when they are not very expensive at the bakery and oh-so-delicious already! I was proud of myself, however, for attempting a difficult recipe and succeeding.

How will you slow this weekend? This coming weekend, we have two birthday parties and I have hours of book edits to work on - it may not be as slow which makes me all the more thankful for the times I do have slow weekends to refresh and restore!


Unknown said...

Sounds wonderful! Thoes fritters look great! Good job for trying it out!:) not sure how well do slow this weekend, spring break starts today after school lol. Have a great weekend! Christina

Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more excited for your book!!!
Ps. Love the t-shirt, it's my go to shirt right now. 😊 Have a wonderful weekend.

*carrie* said...

Wow, homemade apple fritters! Doesn't sound like rest to me--ha! I made homemade caramel corn yesterday--I don't think I've ever made it before, actually, and it was a bit hit! And much less labor-intensive.

Wendi said...

I love it when I get a Saturday like that! This weekend I will be painting my kitchen cabinets. Not super restful, but I will home and I am anxious to see the kitchen put back together.

I am curious... Are you taking pre-orders for your book?

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love it! I love weekends like that. I will not be as relaxing this weekend but I have had several of those in the past few months. I am taking my daughter to get our Easter outfits. We have saved for this since December. :)

P.S. You did get my shirt order and money correct?

P.S.S. Those fritters look yummy!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Wendi! It is always nice to see a project hit completion!!! Yay! As for pre-orders, you are so sweet to ask! At this moment, no - because we don't know how many pages it is until I finish the edits! The publisher will set the price after we know how many pages it is! I have my photos picked out and ready to include and hoping to squirrel myself away soon and dig into polishing the manuscript for a good finished product for you!!

angie said...

so much goodness in this weekend compilation-- pj's all the day, homemade apple fritters, sister camp outs under handmade quilts... I see that the green bag of Skittles also appeared in more than one photo! ;)