Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Easter Inspiration

I can't believe Easter is this weekend! It has snuck up on me! But I took some time over the weekend to get inspired and here are a few links to help you get some last minute inspiration as well! We're having our Spring Party tomorrow - so some of these will be for that and some for Easter Sunday.

* Peter Rabbit cupcake topper free printable.

* Christ the Lord is Risen Today chalkboard printable.

* Pretty watercolor print and place cards.

* Another beautiful Easter watercolor printable.

* Happy Easter printable, would look great incorporated into your centerpiece!

* Cute bunny ears for milk bottles at breakfast one morning!

* Bloom & Grow free printable garland. Here is a cute tiny edition display idea - what about making this with photos of your kids from each Easter?! So cute!

* Pretty Easter tags - could be used for place cards or to tie on jars of flowers! Also cute would be to serve drinks in canning jars with these fun tags tied on. The gift wrap in the post is printable too and you could do lots of fun things with this: placemats, napkin rings, paper bands around drinks or jars of flowers, make a banner and more.

* I want to try these amazing speckled eggs!

* Maybe I will have time to make a simple stuffed bunny to tuck in with Easter goodies?

* Woodland friends printable egg holders - so cute! So many fun whimsical printables on this site: treat bags, super sweet Easter cards and printable envelope and Easter brunch printable kit. Oops - just realized this site requires a monthly paid membership to print these things - enjoy the visual inspiration instead!

* Hot Cross Buns made simple. And, how I made them last year {hint: also simple!}

* It is not too late to start your wheat grass - I finally remembered early enough this year - yay!


Anonymous said...

Please feel free to delete my comment, but I am sincere in my heartfelt quest from several blogs I read where I find spiritual encouragement. I mean no disrespect, but, How do you incorporate bunnies and eggs into such a solemn and Holy gift of sacrifice? I grew up celebrating Easter with the baskets and egg hunts, but years ago started questioning the entire loss that God suffered. A day of deep repentance as I imagined God standing at the cross with me and watching His Son die. Even in the resurrection, I am moved to a solemn joy vs. a celebratory joy- very mindful of the sorrow and heartache of the blood shed gift. I really miss keeping our family 'tradition' with bunnies & eggs, for obvious reason of the fun factor, and have been separated from much of our family on this day because I just couldn't see my children embracing a stuffed bunny and milk chocolate while God stood beside me watching this 'tradition' unfold year after year. When I read posts with darling fun inspiration (like bunny ears on milk bottles), I can't help but question our decisions in all of this. Am I missing something?

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Thank you for sharing such neat ideas. I will be honest it has snuck on me too.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Anonymous: Thank you so much for your perspective and sensitivity on this. I wholeheartedly agree with you - our family does not do egg hunts, baskets and such on Easter weekend. We typically do these things separately on the First Day of Spring. Since this fell on a Sunday this year, I am planning to do tomorrow on our Slow Day at home instead. It allows us to keep the fun of those traditions but separate them to reverence the holy days of Easter. I cannot take credit for this idea, but read it on a blog years ago and have adopted it in our home ever since. Blessings, Monica

Alyssa Spring said...

oh my gosh wheat grass!!! I keep forgetting I want to try this!
This year for easter baskets I kept it pretty simple - I found cute tin cans baskets at the thrift store so that I will have them next year too. I found each of my kids a used story book, some organic jelly beans at Trader Joes and a little Beanie Boo stuffed animal (supposedly all the rage.) I started yesterday teaching my kids about the Holy Time and I think Saturday we will eat foods that remind us of Jerusalem - pita and hummus, dates and olives and read the story of Christ. :)

Shelby said...

So many good ideas friend, love the dyed eggs. Also love the wooden pintables, well pretty much everything you posted. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.