Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The best kind of weekend!

The best weekend to me is one with little to no plans!!! I love staying home, having a lighter schedule and more flexibility. Just puttering around the kitchen or doing something I want to do is a joy!

This past weekend was cool and cozy - I'm loving the layering weather! And after layering up a fun combo - I even painted my nails. I thought black nail polish would feel sort of morbid, but it is now one of my favorites!

We went to the grocery store and I spent a while in the afternoon prepping meals for the week - chopping veggies, cooking chicken, etc. What a great feeling to start the week with so much prep work done. Plus you only have to clean up once! And, after a couple of hours it struck me how happy and at peace I felt just doing what I love for my family. I had this play list going too! This is about the third week in a row that I've tried to do some meal prep for the coming week over the weekend. Such a blessing.

We had Ham & Beans and cheese biscuits for dinner Saturday {I use this recipe but put a ham bone in it instead of bacon so we only have it after I've cut up a bunch of ham for he freezer and have a bone available!}

The girls have presentations coming up this week for our homeschool community Essentials class - they are each to dress up as an assigned person from Ancient History and present the five paragraph research paper they've been working on. We practiced these on Skype for Grammie and Pepaw! Fun!

There was also down time for reading, sipping tea, going for a walk, crafting, talking and relaxing! Sunday after church, I made PW Salisbury Steak - it is divine! And I just may have made twelve of these!

What is your best kind of weekend like?


*carrie* said...

I love weekends that are split between downtime, productivity and hanging out/fellowship.

Why did you make so many cloches?

Did you buy the black polish?

Yay, valentine treats and Bethel music!

This is funny and random, but I noticed (though I promise I did not scrutinize your entire fridge--ha!) that you have the Aldi brand of creamer. When did you go?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with your favorite kind of weekend. Puttering, fluffing, crafting, doing those things that don't make it into the weekday schedule.
Although, I'd omit the grocery store run and prep cooking. I'll admit that cooking is not joyful for me. I've learned that I do best with simple, wholesome meals that can be prepared ahead of the dinner hour. I don't mind prepping fresh veggies and fruit, though. So we have those at nearly every dinner.
Twelve cloches?! Your hands must be sore. Imagining that you have grand plans for them...

Tina Leigh said...

I would say, that's my kind of weekend but just can't seem to make it happen. Work, work, work. Im trying to convince my husband that it's too much and we need some help on this farm. Trying not to complain b/c I am very thankful BUT everybody needs time to rest! It's a commandment! So pray for us. I'm getting weary. I thought of you while getting dressed for church. I tried so hard to wear a white button shirt under a grey sweater...I just can't do it! Lol! I thought, how does Monica do it? I felt so bound up & HOT! Lol! Of course I didn't make it out the bedroom door before shucking it off. I'll never be a fashionista like you, Monica. I'm so jealous! And are the azaleas blooming there? I'm seeing so many here & it's too early! How I love our Southern Springs! Burr...but cold & windy this week & im loving that too! Have a good day!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Lovely weekend indeed. I couldn't agree more with what Carrie said above about weekends that produce productivity with down time and fellowship. I heart them too.

Mom said...

Lovely to see your flowers blooming - we still have a lot of snow on the ground, so it will be awhile before we see flowers!

I like your fingernails. :)

It was fun to Skype and have Emily and Rachel practice their Faces of History presentations for us - well done!