Thursday, February 18, 2016

Slow Family Night

As I slid a frozen pizza in the oven Friday night, the urge to slow, to be intentional and cultivate beauty was strong. Sometimes it may not seem like you have time to slow or energy to serve a beautiful meal. And, over the years I have heard from numerous moms that I make it look easy and that can evoke jealousy over what another mom feels like she can't do.

I had this realization this week: comparing is the same thing as believing a lie. It is not the whole truth. And I am SO guilty of this my friends. It is so easy to look at everyone else and think she is smarter, prettier, more together than I am.

None of us truly knows what life inside another skin is like, we know our own reality. And that makes it our responsibility to take that which is around us: inspiration, beauty, resources and ideas and use them in a way that fits our true self and the personality of our family.

I spent about five minutes of hands on time on this meal: clipped a tiny bloom I found outside, lit a few candles and set the table. I served frozen pizza and dried mango plus whatever Valentine treat they wanted for dessert.

Then I grabbed my Bible and we feasted together on food and the Bread of Life. We read from Ann's Lenten readings and talked about what the verses meant. It was not profound in any sense of the word except that it was slow and simple and pure and lovely. That is profound in its own way.

After dinner, I got out my own craft supplies {versus kids supplies that they have access to all the time} and we made Valentines for each other to give on Sunday.

It was nothing huge and yet it was everything special. We don't have to go all out to make special memories, being together and making time at home memorable is a gift in itself. I'm reading The Life-Giving Home right now and it matches the beat of my heart for tea parties and gathering around those we love and making our homes places of love.


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Simply beautiful. You are so right about comparison and I learned a couple years ago that comparison can rob us of so much joy and trap us in bondage and I am thankful God helped me break out of it. It will still occasionally try to visit me again and I have to put it back in its place. :)

If we breathe and walk in the Art of slow and present living it will come easier and simpler. The problem is walking, breathing, and practicing the Art of Slow. I do believe it is a Art for it doesn't come easy "to me".

angie said...

Frozen pizza and craft nights remind me of times when Guy can't join us for dinner. But, your post spurs me to make the most of those moments, too. They look different than the normal family dinner, but can be beautiful in their own way. (Full disclosure--frozen pizza is sometimes on the menu when my husband is home, too!) I need to take advantage of the time when I have my kids gathered 'round the table, because it is one time when we are not all heading in different directions.
I like your candle holder, it reminds me of a sink strainer I had in this new house. A sink clog + heavy duty drain cleeaner = a ruined trap, so I had to get a new one. It is not nearly as cool as the previous and now I wish I had saved the undamaged strainer for a candle holder.
I forgot to mention the suncatchers that were in an earlier post. We haven't painted those in years, and I really like them. My younger child is much more artistically gifted than the older, but the suncatchers make everyone's end product look pretty.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Loved your sharing of how you spent a quiet family evening in a beautiful simple way! Your candle centerpiece is simply beautiful. So wonderful that you shared the Word with your family as you ate supper... enjoyed my visit here today... indeed life is so much better when we stop comparing, and just enjoy the moments as they come, and be content in all things. :)

Kelli said...

Love this! I agree it does not have to be big to be special...I try to light candles or use fun festive napkins.

Anonymous said...