Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Slow Day


Cute pinwheel stickers were on the Target Dollar Spot and I taped them to toothpicks in a moment of inspiration for a quick splash of fun at breakfast! Muffins were a gift in the CC Blessing Basket!
Valentine tic-tac-toe was a find at the Current outlet in Colorado Springs but here is a cute diy idea!
After breakfast, we each gave an idea or two {or five if you are Mama!} that we wanted to do together for Slow Day!
A Bible lesson on the 10 Commandments from this book!
These yummy chicken enchiladas for lunch {hooray for leftovers!}
I was recently telling our kids about when I worked at Glen Eyrie, there was a group of guys who called themselves The Fun Team. They would go around and take people out to lunch and do nice things for various co-workers. It was awesome, anyway, Rachel picked up on it and made Emily's bed for her and put a sign saying The Fun Team had visited! :)
PW Bean and Bacon Soup


Jennifer Williams said...

What an amazing post! All the pics are lovely and so inspiring. You are a blessed family. :-)

Mom said...

Wonderful photos! I love the Fun Team idea! :)

coleen said...

Hi…..what does CC stand for? LOL they are my initials….

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Coleen - it stands for Classical Conversations our homeschool community!

coleen said...


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a beautiful day. While you tackled a lot of things you can still see the heartbeat of SLOW and UNITY of the day. What beauty. I really like the idea of the kids sharing something they want to do. I like this. It is Intentional SLOW.

Heather said...

WOW do you guys REALLY have LEAVES growing on trees outside?? And flowers?? SO wonderful as we lay under a blanket of snow! UGH! Why do I live up north????