Friday, February 12, 2016

One Small Thing

Once in a while, I will desire to live a very small and quiet life. To hide from social media, draw in and close to those in my home and smaller to the world.

During these times, I frequently think of Laura and the Ingalls family. Can you imagine living out on the open prairie and no one really knowing you were there? No town nearby. Not really even any neighbors. In our world right now this is completely foreign and almost scary!

Last week, I so enjoyed following Ruth, Ashley and Shannan as they went to Ecuador on a Compassion trip. The stories were beautiful and they are humbling. One thing that jumped out to me was little snips of beauty that these mamas in their small world and small way brought to their homes. Welcome signs, a tablecloth, a cloth over a small table, a milk jug with a plant in it. All the posts are beautiful, I especially loved this one: What Every Mama Dreams. How our hearts beat the same all around the world.

Then I re-read the account of Mary and Martha and am reminded {again!} that only one thing is needed. How easy it is for me to get distracted, but when it all boils down, we need to get only one thing right. All that matters is Him. And that reminds me that we are ever so small, yet useful to Him when focused on this one thing. Not being worried and distracted by many things {thanks for the lesson, Martha!} but remembering what really matters.

It is the character I am trying hard to instill in my children and even myself - what I am made of when no one is looking, what God thinks regardless of what anyone else says or thinks, letting Christ in us overflow to those around - shine His light, notice something different, those are the things that matter.

How many likes we get on a photo or comments on a post are nothing to Him. How we steward the resources He has given us are everything. Telling a lost world about Him is everything. May I be small so He can be great! May I be fixed on the one thing needed - sitting at His feet and listening to Him. 

A beautiful song that fits well! Have a great weekend, friends!


Unknown said...

Amen. Have a great weekend! Christina

Leanne said...

this really spoke to my heart today... I was in the hospital 4 days last week...and I really prayed that only one thing would be evident in me-- that I loved the Lord... and I had several opportunities to do so!
we bury ourselves, as women, around stuff that just isn't that important.. store bought cupcakes shared with love mean so much more than the ridiculous amount of time we pour over pinterest trying to create the perfect... (and trust me--I LOVE pinterest)!!we are called to love...that is our one thing...and it can only come from our one THING!
beautiful post

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for this great reminder, Monica. This - "but when it all boils down, we need to get only one thing right" - really spoke to me!

Anne said...

Thanks for this post and this song today- it resonated with me. :)

Mom said...

Lovely post :) - I had never heard that song before, but it is so fitting!