Monday, February 01, 2016

Minecraft Party!

We had fun celebrating our little guy turning 8 this weekend! He is super into Minecraft which tested my creative abilities because I knew next to nothing about it, but now I'm in the know and he had fun!

Emily drew a really fun sign for our front door and then we hung purple streamers for the Nether Portal - Minecraft fans will approve! We invited our guests with these free printable invites.

For the table, square black plates with green napkins were super simple and went with the color theme. I made the simplest Creeper cake I could find on Pinterest and the girls made Endermen with black plates and purple streamers!

Samuel drew faces on the balloons to help with the decor! One of my favorite things about this party was that each member of our family played a part in making this a fun time for Samuel - it was a team effort!

All of our food was in square shapes to match the pixel look of the game. Wheat Thins, cubes of cheese and watermelon were easy and fit the theme. I used black electrical tape to make the Creeper faces on the cups.

At each place were a few activities as well that were all free printables. We played Minecraft Bingo, activity pages and made torches with battery operated tea lights. Free Happy Birthday banner here.

After snacks and a few games at the table, it was time to run around! The girls and I made up a scavenger hunt that used Minecraft words and ran the boys all around the outside! After following all the clues, they ended up finding a TNT pinata!

The pinata was made out of a box that was in our recycling with just a little tissue paper and some goodies from the Dollar Tree inside. The box ended up being pretty hard to break open! But they had fun. Goodie bags were inspired by this for their loot.

We had one activity left and I had envisioned hanging Creeper balloons from the clothesline or a tree and shooting with a Nerf gun. Daddy raised the fun factor and let them shoot a pellet gun instead! Big hit!

Samuel opened his gifts and then they chased each other around the front yard for a while! Energy everywhere!!!

This may go down in the books as my thriftiest party ever. My birthday budget is $50 here is what I spent:

Paper Goods {black plates, green cups and napkins} $3
Red tissue paper $1
Green balloons $1
Purple streamers $1
Tea Lights for torch craft $5 for 10
Goodies for inside pinata $9 {pencils, small size packets of Cheez-It's, candy, glow sticks, mini cars}
Food {watermelon, cheese, crackers} $5
Total: $25

Hooray! Happy Birthday, Buddy - we love you!


Mom said...

What a special party for Samuel! So glad he had fun! :)

Patty Williams said...

How fun !! Looks like everyone had a super good time !

Christy Stanton said...

Great party, they looked like they had a lot of fun!: )

Wendi said...

I always enjoy seeing the birthday parties you throw. You do a great job running with a theme and your budget is always encouraging! Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Jennifer said...

SO creative and fun! I really enjoy seeing all the love and time you pour into your kids by creating such memorable parties!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

This is such a wonderful use of creativity and it was thrifty. I like it!!!!! Very awesome mama! You did great and the girls did too.

angie said...

It is wonderful how everyone in your family contributed to the birthday party, even the birthday boy! I think your cost total shoud have ended similar to the MasterCard commercials:
party supplies: $25
shooting balloons with a pellet gun: priceless to 8 year old boys!

Anonymous said...

My grandson turned 8 on Friday. He would of LOVED Samuel's party! Great job with all the Minecraft goodies.


Shelby said...

You are hands down the BEST party thrower, thriftier, thinker out of the box, mama. I LOVE your party ideas friend. xoxox Shelby

*carrie* said...

Nice! Guess I may be learning more about Minecraft soon. (Thanks to David for link--will check it out tomorrow on our SNOW DAY!)

Tina Leigh said...

I've heard of Minecraft but I really have no idea what it is except that it made for a very colorful party! Wow! Love that cake & that budget is awesome!!!

zerry ht said...

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