Thursday, January 21, 2016

Handmade and Thrifty Girls B'day Gift Idea

A joint Birthday party for two super sweet seven-year-olds was a fun opportunity to put my creative juices to work and see what fun little gift I could come up with.

The first thing I pulled out was the rainbow stripe notebooks. Have you seen these? They are on the Target Dollar Spot right now - a package of 8 little books is $3 and they are oh-so-adorable!

I grabbed a chalk pen and wrote their names on the front with a little embellishing - so cute!

Next, I pulled out the embroidery hoops. These hoops already had the green felt in them. They were in a two pack {one red/one green} on the 90% off clearance at Hobby Lobby. The regular price was $4.99 {yikes!} but I paid 0.49 for two. I saved the red ones and cutesified the green set! A little embroidery, button decor and fabric scrap garland were finished off with a flourish of ribbons from my scrap jar. 

Now I knew I wanted some fun writing utensil to go with those books. I dug through my gift stash again and found two lollipop pens from a Christmas clearance several years ago. I think these were about $1 each on clearance. I had bought them thinking we might do a Nutcracker theme birthday party for Emily but we never did and I've already given one to each of my kids.

I put washi tape and a little yarn on them to embellish even more. What little girl would not love such a fun pen!?

Lastly, I wanted to add one more thing. I had seen an adorable idea on Pinterest for fabric covered band-aids around Christmas time! We popped in Wal-Mart for some band-aids and a roll of double stick tape. Save your dollar on the double stick tape as it did not stick to the band-aids. In a moment of panic/inspiration I decided to try some spray adhesive I already had and it worked like a charm. Super simple and quick!

And, oh how cute!!! I mean, it would almost be worth needing a band-aid to pull one of these cuties out!

I had two little burlap drawstring bags in my closet, maybe from Michael's dollar bins and hot glued two scraps of red fabric on them to make a "red cross" - so sweet!

Oh, and look at those adorable little tiny doilies! I found an unopened package of them at the thrift store for a quarter.

I found a large glassine envelope in my closet from something I'd ordered and cut in half to make two little enclosures. Two sweet gifts for pocket change! Plus I had fun employing creativity and happiness into these goodies.

While Rachel was at the party and Samuel was hanging out with friends, Emily and I ventured out for lunch and into a charming bookstore! Fun times!


Ginger said...

Is that bookstore Never more downtown? I have wanted to see that

Unknown said...

Oh great creativity!!!!!love it! Christina

Jennifer said...

Those are BEYOND PRECIOUS! I would be so thrilled to receive such sweet treasures :) Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

angie said...

I think these are my favorite type of posts on your blog. Your resourcefulness inspires me to shop my stash, not the store shelves. I can't wait for the next birthday to use variations on some of these ideas. (13 year old vs 7 year olds). Recently, I used some clearanced black take out boxes to make a snack boxes for girls who came over to watch a movie. I definitely felt like I was channeling what I've learned from you!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Very creative and adorable gifts. Way to be thrifty with style. Looks like a sweet bookstore. Sigh....I love bookstores.

Shelby said...

Oh my super sweet ideas and resourcefulness. Those girls are blessed to have your family as their friends. You make my day with your post friend. xoxoxox

Unknown said...

The Adventures of TumTum and Nutmeg!!!! Love those books! Darling gifts too!

Elise said...

Oh my goodness!!! What FUN gifts!!!! You amaze me with your creativity, Monica!