Thursday, December 24, 2015

Snow Much Fun!

When you live in the South and it has been 80 degrees, snow is nowhere in sight. I thought we needed a little snow fun anyway!

We read some fun books about snow and I made Snowball Playdough so we could make mini snowmen. 

Here is where things get interesting - I had gotten this instant snow on clearance last year after Christmas thinking it would be a fun thing to try - and don't get me wrong, my kids loved it!!! It started out like powder or crystals but you were to add water and play with it. In the end, we realized it was moisture absorbing material {like you'd find on the inside of a diaper} and you can read my funny commentary on it over on Instagram. It was a mess to clean up!!!!

Not one of my best ideas for sure. I had them each save out a small bit to try and get them to blow it for a photo - not a success either! Oh well, we sure did make a memory and in spite of the mom-stress the snow caused, my kids had a blast.


Mom said...

Way to use your resources to created some snow fun! Reminds me of the "snow" man we made out of sand at our beach Christmas a few years ago! :)

Anonymous said...

This site has all kinds of fun "snow" recipes. I have made the basic one, which is one box of baking soda mixed with the contents of one can of foaming shaving cream (Aldi baking soda plus Walmart brand shaving cream to keep the price down), and it is tons of fun. It keeps forever in a ZipLoc bag and really does stay cold!

Merry Christmas!

Michelle in Georgia

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love it. We miss the snow. We just moved this past August from Illinois to Mississippi. We truly always had a White Christmas or at least it would dust or snow sometime around Christmas. Last year there was snow all over. The year before that we couldn't get out of our drive. If it didn't snow we at least had "winter" temp's. YEP....not here!

We miss it! The kids would love this. Maybe I can do this in January. Thanks for sharing. What beautiful fun even with the "mess" you all created.

Lauren said...

Merry Christmas Monica and family! I was wondering do you have any fun ideas for January? After all the excitement of Christmas time I need something fun to look forward to after the first of the year. Brainstorming......