Thursday, December 17, 2015

Slow at Home

We have been staying home. A.lot. And, I am loving it so much. It has me thinking more and harder about how to make this happen more and more.

I think I stay home a lot as it is even without this, but the past proves itself true time and time again that the more we stay home, the smoother our days go. Time literally seems to go slower, it seems like there is more time to go around. Time rapidly disappears when we are not at home.

I'm loving the focus on caring for my family and home by just being in it, enjoying the pure and simple tasks of fixing dinner and cleaning around the shower faucet - things I don't always feel like I have the luxury of time to complete. Well, of course we eat dinner - but you know what I mean right?!

My children have been wild with energy this past week and spending a lot of time playing outside so don't get the impression that it is all calm and peaceful when we spend these days at home. I guess what I want to remember is how good and true and right it feels. How at rest my heart is to be at home. And, I am so very grateful for my dear husband who goes out into the world every day so we can enjoy this precious gift.

Stay home.

Those two words are embedded deep in my heart right now. I am pondering more on this - but for now, just those two words are enough.

I've linked this post before but it is appropriate and encouraging enough to share again: Let's Stay Home

 How does staying home help you? Or do you find your experience to be different?


Wendi said...

Oh how I get this post. I do stay home a lot which I love! I enjoy being able to do what I call "putter" around my home. Just like you doing those little things that I don't feel I always have time for. I find that if I can take my time with dinner then it becomes a relaxing event. If not, it becomes a hurry up and get it done event with little enjoyment. Our life is in a strange place right now. A place of change and uncertainty. (Nothing maritial. We are rock strong!) I hope that some of the changes lead to more family time at home.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Sweet Monica,

For 10 straight years I stayed home. I truly believed that to get things done, and serve my family it was best to do so. But as time went by and our path in life changed (we became a pastoring family) it got so hard to stay home. We had so many expectations of us for our ministry. It seemed we were pulled in so many directions and it was affecting are children, marriage, finances (we were eating out A LOT) and our home care. It even seriously began to affect our schooling. My health! I remember crying and praying that God would help me SLOW and say no. I remember crying and praying that I could go back to the old days where I stayed home and enjoyed cleaning, baking, and playing with the kids.

In August (after 3 years...seemed like 20 years) we resigned our church and started back over (my husband got a job and we moved to the south) and now I am home. I stay home. I did get caught up when I first moved in a homeschool group that was super active and there are activities everyday. I began to see this would not work. So, I am making (have made) changes to be present IN THE HOME. I began to read Proverbs 31 everyday and I am also reading Homemaking by J.R. Miller. Highly recommended!

You are actually a reason I began the search for slow. I pictured myself having those picnics again with my children and enjoying a good book like I use to. I love your blog it is so refreshing and inspiring to me.

Tina Leigh said...

My grandson has therapy 6x a week & I have him in pre-k. I desperately want to stop it all but he has progressed by leaps & bounds with the help. I want to stay home with him so badly. We are considering homeschooling next year but I truly do not have a yes or no in my spirit at this point. I long for home. I am so content at home. Home is my refuge. My quiet in this country setting is what recharges me. My home has been neglected so much that my home brings anxiety, if you know what I mean. Because things are not done like they should be. I am glad you can stay at home with your kids. It is right and it is good for them and you and your husband. You are so wise to know this and live it. You are teaching your children one of the greatest values

Christy Stanton said...

Hi Monica, I can relate to your post. This past year and while we were in Japan the Lord really showed me home is where I needed to be… and stay… not running here and there, unless it's productive and/or being a servant. As a homeschool Mom I've learned the benefits of being at home. There is just something peaceful and renewing about being at home and doing what the Lord has called us to do it also brings joy, knowing I am in the Lords will.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I love to stay home. Sometimes it's not so easy to make happen when you have a five year old that wants to get up and go but I do make it a point to make it happen as often as I can. : )

~ Wendy

Dawn said...

I guess I am the lone opposite!! I DO love to be at home, and it certainly allows me to get more done. However, my SUPER Extroverted self starts to wilt very quickly if we don't get out and do things often enough.
I have in the past felt guilty about going so much, but when I try to stay home a lot, I get depressed so fast!!
SO for me, it's finding that balance between staying home enough to accomplish those things we HAVE to do, and getting out enough to feed my spirit!!