Monday, December 21, 2015

Handmade Christmas: Memories

When Emily turned one, David made a Year-in-Review DVD of her first year. We had a slideshow of photos set to music and videos all together in one place.

We loved it so much that he has made one every year since then!!! We make copies and send them out to all of our family each year. It is always fun to see the new edition and go back and watch previous years - what a treasure!

Some years I am totally boring and just hand them out, this year I was inspired to make little kraft paper envelopes out of wrapping paper and stitch up the edges on the sewing machine. Quick and easy!

Adorable clothespins are from Target Dollar Spot and cute free printable tags are from here.


Shelby said...

Oh my I love this. Wow I would have a hard time opening because its so beautifully wrapped:)

Mom said...

Too cute to open! But I will :)

I have actually saved wrapping from past gifts from you - they are too pretty and special to throw away!!

angie said...

I adore this idea, and I think I know someone who would be glad to sew up some packages for me. But, I wonder, does this break a lot of needles?
Another treasured tradition that your family has continued throughout the years!