Monday, November 09, 2015

Open Tabs

I love this post from Ruth at Gracelaced: In Praise of Inwardness

I'm intrigued by this course from The Nester: The Cozy Minimalist

Loved and needed this from She Reads Truth: Apply Truth Appropriately

Look at this Scripture on the wall - I love these words!!!

I shared this on Instagram last week, but David and I are excited that after eight years of looking {mostly David - he has worked so hard on this!} God has provided us with this lovely piece of property in the mountains of North Carolina! We just closed on it and are so thankful for the answered prayers and provision of this gift! Lord willing, we plan to build on it and move after David retires - for now it will be a fun place to go on family vacations and camping!!!

Here's an update on our Fall Garden - ahem. I continue to admit that I'm a wannabe gardener but I just don't want it enough apparently. We have had lots of green peppers! The lettuce did absolutely nothing - still too HOT! The broccoli plants are still growing bigger so there is hope and our potatoes were teeny tiny. Some of them were the size of peas! We enjoyed them with a handful of green beans also harvested and roasted together. YUM!

We celebrated 12 years of owning our home with our annual Chinese take-out picnic!

Look at this lovely Advent Illustrated Bible journaling prompts - looks like fun for the Mama heart during Christmas season.

My Mom sent me this link last week and it was a timely encouragement and reminder to my heart.

What's new with you? What are you reading around the web?


Anonymous said...

I love your open tab posts! I read most of the links, and especially resonated with the post by Steady Mom. Now I see what inspired your hoop fabric art. How exciting it must be to plan out your retirement home in an area that you already love. Thank you for taking us along on your journey, Monica.

Mom said...

Great links - I'll be interested to hear more about the Cozy Minimalist course if you take it. Love the verse Joanna had made for the wall (and your version I saw on IG)! Your roasted garden veggies look yummy, and congratulations on your property purchase! :)

Ginger said...

Monica, that is my wish when I retire and my parents are no longer with me---a cabin in the NC mountains!

Allison said...

1. To hear you say move to NC makes me giddy and we haven't even met face to face.
2. Is it bad that I want to lick the computer screen right now seeing all of the yummy food you are posting? We just found out that my oldest is highly allergic to wheat so we are navigating a new normal around here. If she is going gluten free then everyone is bc my youngest also is showing signs. I hope you are having a GREAT week!