Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Joy of Serving Beauty

Our first meal in North Carolina, for apple picking, was frozen flat bread pizza. {Thank you very much bogo sales and coupons combined!}

Ok, slight rabbit trail here for a second: I remember looking at my mom's grocery lists as a child and seeing BIGIF next to several of her items. Being a frugal-shopper-in-training, I naturally thought it meant the purchase of this item was a big if! Ha!

Now of course, I understand the beauty and glory of the buy-one-get-free deals!

Now where was I? Oh yes, frozen pizza! While it was in the oven at 425 for 10 or 15 minutes - I threw out a quilt and a few books. Dishes were set and a candle was lit. Rachel and I were the last two on the quilt after dinner was over and I said something about the joy of serving lovely and tasty food.

We talked about he gift God has given women, wives and mothers of crating and serving beauty on our tables {or quilts on the driveway!} And I told her how much I enjoy that. It brings me such pleasure and a peaceful spirit to serve up something healthy and attractive.

I also mentioned how when on a trip, good food served with a side of beauty just enhances my enjoyment of our trip all the more. A fun trip opportunity with blah food would lose so much - but with a few simple touches can heighten our senses so much more and brighten our days and our memories.

Do you see the beauty in your ministry to your family through food?


Jen said...

This is something I have really concentrated on this past year. Our children have always attended private school, and most mornings were crazy just trying to get everyone out the door. It was always cereal or toast! But, my kids, especially my oldest son (18) LOVES hot breakfast and always asked me to make it.

Last year was his senior year in high school and, since it was just him and his brother and our mornings are much more calm these days, I purposed that I was going to make hot breakfast for them at least three morning a week. I wanted him to have that special memory for his last year at home. It's nothing special-pancakes, waffles, eggs, the occasional egg casserole--but they LOVE it!

And I have continued the tradition this year with our younger son. It occurred to me how easy it is for me to change the whole tone of their day with just 15 minutes of food prep in the morning, and it has been a blessing. Such a simple way to let them know that I heard their requests and I want to "love" them in this way. (Of course our older girls wonder why I never made hot breakfast for them! HAHA But there are perks of being the younger siblings! :-)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I always love it after I have done it. I appreciate your encouragement in this area. I have a heart to do it. I lack prioritization. But I aiming for that to change. I think if it's truly in my heart it will be more a priority!