Thursday, September 10, 2015

Apple Picking Food

The weekend before our trip, I sat down to plan meals for our few days away.

First, I present the facts:
* I had already gone to the grocery store for the week before making this list {not super helpful}
* Even though I'd already gone to the store {see last point} I didn't really want to go again both for time and budget purposes. Apples were coming out of that week's grocery money and I've been trying harder to stick to my set food budget, so now it was time to get creative.
* We had no bread for sandwiches, no crackers, no meat for sandwiches, and no lettuce for salads. Most of our usual picnic far includes at least one of these.
* I didn't want to plan on eating out {see point two} so it is getting more and more creative here!

Now, the exceptions:
* I allowed for purchase of apples {obviously!} and a couple of treats {donuts and slushies} at the orchard.
* I did end up stopping at the store for caramels and mini chocolate chips so we could make caramel apples for a fun treat. {This is now hilarious because they did not turn out well and we brought them home to eat because of some upset tummies.}

With those facts and exceptions, I raided our pantry and freezer for what we had and made some things to fill in - here was our meal plan:

Day 1 Lunch in Car:
Quiche Lorraine Scones {Without sandwich or salad fixings, I was stumped about lunch. These were a hearty and savory main option that were very well received!}
Carrot Sticks
Fruit Squeezies {gift from a friend}
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Day 1 Dinner:
Frozen Flat-bread Pizza
Applesauce & Cinnamon
Carrot Sticks
Lemonade {we recently discovered a kind we love at Wal-Mart made with stevia extract but also the convenience of a powdered mix and no food coloring! YUM!}
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Day 2 Breakfast:
Maple Oat Scones {from freezer}
Leftover frosting {found in fridge from a recent batch of cupcakes}
Hot Tea {hot tea is so easy to travel with and make fresh: our favorites are Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger and Tetley British Blend Decaf}

Day 2 Picnic Lunch {at the orchard}:
Artisan Bread using this recipe
Sliced Cheese
Apples {fresh picked!}
Caramel Dip {gift from a friend}
Carrot Sticks
Apple Cider Slushes {from orchard}
Apple Cider Donuts {from orchard}

Day 2 Dinner:
Applesauce Pancakes
Maple Syrup

Day 3 Breakfast:
Cinnamon Rolls {from freezer - made over a recent weekend}

Day 3 Lunch:
Artisan Bread
Sliced Cheese
Pepperoni Slices
Carrot Sticks
Chocolate Chip Cookies

What meals do you find easy to pack for picnicking or overnight trips? Do you have a favorite from -the-pantry recipe?


Shelby said...

I love your ability to utilize what you have Monica and stick to your budget. You are a gifted mama😊

Unknown said...

Great job improvising and using what you had! Sounds delicious! Christina

Wendi said...

I like to make chicken salad for overnight trips. I put it into a Mason jar and then while in the cooler it is sealed and I don't have to worry about melting ice ruining it. It can be served with what I have; crackers, croissants, bread and even on leftover biscuits.

Way to have self control and be creative! I would have been tempted to run to the store for at least bread and lettuce.

Rachel said...

I really admire your resourcefulness. As we travel to the Northwest most summers we always pack a lot of food for the 5-6 meals over our two long days of driving. I most often bring soaked oats with fruit, sandwiches, pasta salad with meat/cheese/veggies, leftover pizza slices, cereal & milk (or free hotel breakfast if available). On our last meal before getting to my in-laws we'll get a Costco or Little Ceasars pizza or fast food if our cooler is empty. As I'm thinking of this we are certainly trading off beautiful, slow travel and meals with speed of getting there with just one night of hotel expense or camping. We let the kids run and play at each stop and eat while the wheels are barreling down the interstate. When we go to the Black Hills soon I think I'll be bringing my crockpot so we can eat comforting hot food in our hotel rooms.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a lovely menu and I love the way you use your creativity!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


Love the idea of chicken salad in the jar.

Tina Leigh said...

When we go on trips a staple for us is a baked ham. Smithfield is our favorite & I usually buy a couple when on sale & keep in the freezer. I bake & slice the ham the day before a trip. There are so many meals we can make around a ham besides the usuall " ham sandwich". I bring tater salad, a can of baked beans or a jar of our caned green beans, rolls. We also love to pan fry the ham to go with eggs & or for biscuits & or pancakes. The list is endless for us and a baked ham. We also take a box of just add water pancake mix. Smoked sausage like Lee & Davis or Conechu for sandwiches (We are meat eaters!) or with breakfast. I usually make cookies & or cake. The ham is easy to keep in a zip lock bag once it's been sliced.

Mom said...

Great job of using your resources! :) Wendi's comment about chicken salad in a Mason jar reminded me of past picnics when you did that very thing!

Kelli said...

Great job using your recourses....I have such a hard time doing that and then before you know it I have too much food that needs to be used and at times goes bad. I have though of trying to eat everything out of the pantry, and freezer before grocery shopping but it makes me scared that I would run out of ideas.
Your meals sound wonderful.