Thursday, August 27, 2015

Slowing with Littles

Recently I received a question on Instagram about how to slow down with kids. It's a great question and one that I've pondered in the days since then.

I think it is important to remember that as a family, we have been practicing slow for a few years and practice is what it takes. It doesn't necessarily happen naturally or all at once. 

First of all, I decided to ask my kids what they thought about Slow Day at our house - there is nothing deep here, but I'll share their thoughts.

If you were going to tell other kids what Slow Day was - what would you say?

That we do our Home Blessing Hour, less school and have a slow breakfast.

What is a slow breakfast?
Something pretty, hot breakfast.

What is your favorite part of Slow Day?
Science, Family Fun Hour. {note: because we do science projects at CC weekly, we don't do much science at home - but they love these Science in a Nutshell kits and we just finished one on Bubble Science and I found a second one on Magnetism at a thrift store so that is next!}

Why do you think we have Slow Day?
To go slow, do fun things, Tuesdays are busy and we need a slow day after that. Slow Day is fun day.

Is there anything you don't like or would change about Slow Day?
Sleep in; no school. {ahem, good luck with that..}

In thinking on these answers, I think that talking together about what slow is and isn't and what it means to our family is a good place to start. Honestly, it doesn't matter if my kids know why we have Slow Day or not if we are slowing together we will still reap the blessings. Starting small and practicing this slow being together is another great place to begin.

I think maybe the number one best way to have slow with kids is to model it ourselves. If they never see us sit still, rest or slow down - how will they know what that looks like and that it is worth imitating? 

I'm still thinking on this idea and have a few more ideas - what ideas do you have about slowing down with kids?

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Leanne said...

I don't necessarily plan "slower days"... but a couple days out of the week, when we have "away from home" activities, I try to do less in general... those are not good days to do tons of laundry or run lots of errands...
and sometimes, because of different stressors, I just have to be intentional in reminding myself that MOST of what is on my calendar or schedule can be dropped if necessary... busy is just busy... busy in not better... we live in a culture that fosters that idea... and I try to remember that just isn't the case!