Thursday, August 20, 2015

Slow Weekend Inspiration

Fix a super simple breakfast {cinnamon toast and milk} on a tray and enjoy on your porch in your jammies.

Take the time to admire a rose bud or other bloom or bud.

Listen for and spot marvels in God's creation. I was eating my breakfast close to our hummingbird feeder and this tiny bird was uncertain about eating at the feeder with me sitting there. Since hummingbirds rarely sit still, I was grateful for this moment of perching and waiting.

Go exploring! We visited a library we go to less often just across the drive from this neat old house - oh the history!

A free Fall magazine from the library, a neat borrowed copy of Pride and Prejudice {also library}, Farmer's Market zinnias and a little crocheting. I sat on the porch for an hour and just lingered slow...

Magazine inspiration and wearing something fun and pretty!

Fix nourishing food - body and soul are fed in the act of serving meals. It is an honor to hold this responsibility, I've been humbled by it and rejoicing in it lately.

Play a game together!

Dash out the door for the short journey to the boat landing since the sky is glowing and you know there will be a sunset waiting. But, pull over in surprise at the rainbow! Then enjoy watching how the sky changes every minute during a sunset and how the mood of the world around you changes and hushes with it, how it calms and brings peace. The girls and I walked out to the end of a pier and just marveled, we saw dolphins that eluded getting their picture taken and were just in awe of God's brushstrokes across the sky.

Make time this weekend to slow down ...


Tina Leigh said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the water!
Don't you think humming birds are just extra special? They are my favorite thing of Summer. Magical yet such an awesome expression of Gods attention to detail! Have a good day.

Wendi said...

Great sunset pictures. There is such peace in those photos.

Unknown said...

Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
I'll be doing slow as we are getting tons of rain that we desperately needed here in Texas. :)

Huskerbabe said...

I always love your photos. What game were you playing in the one picture?

Monica Wilkinson said...

@huskerbabe: that is the kids version of Catan :)