Thursday, August 06, 2015

Choosing Slow Instead of Stress

I woke up one morning last week with a lengthy list ahead of me for the day - one of those days where I was overwhelmed before it started. Instead of jumping up and getting going I found myself sort of paralyzed to enter the hurry - I browsed Instagram and read a couple of blogs and found myself lost in the inspiration of beautiful moments of life.

Beautiful photography does that to me - it draws me in and beckons me to join in. And, it is restful and soothing just as hurry rushes in and steals those things. I decided to notice the beauty around me and love on those in my home instead of getting tense and hurrying them along to more productivity.

Just doing simple homey things like fix breakfast and tend my garden and pray, fed my spirit and blessed my home much more than marking things off my to-do list. Truthfully, our morning went much more smoothly and I got more done than I could have imagined two hours earlier. I chose peace instead of fast paced.

It wasn't even a really decisive move, it was gradual and felt more like choose to breathe instead of suffocate. And, suddenly the things waiting for my day felt much more manageable than heavy.

Taking one step at a time ...

Taking time to notice that I loved seeing my enamelware dishes in the drying rack waiting to be put away. Taking the time to try a new recipe for Emily. To cut flowers lingering on hydrangea bushes. Time to set a pretty table.

Do I have time? Yes and no, but I only get this amount of time once for today. I don't want to spend it in stress and with tension. I want to choose slow. How often do I have this crisis of decision! I want to choose slow and yet stress creeps in so very easily and is quite bossy in taking over frequently.

As I have remembered time and time again, I will never ever regret that I took time to cut flowers and lovingly make and serve breakfast with beauty. Even on this side of things, I am pretty certain that I will regret choosing hurry or allowing stress to take over my day.

I love this from She Reads Truth, Give Thanks in Stress

Lord, make us lie down in green pastures,
Lord, lead us beside still waters,
Lord, restore our souls.
We confess that we choose rush over rest,
we choose busy over best.
We bow down to expectations and worship our lists.
Forgive us, Lord.
You are steadfast. Thank you.
You give us rest. Thank you.
You slow our step and calm our hearts and allow us to sit at your feet.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
We will praise you in the noise,
we will praise you in the stress;
for you remain unchanged,
and we are found in you.



 Slow Inspiration I've enjoyed lately:

"Is your soul being held hostage by hurry?" enter your email address to watch a series of short videos by Emily Freeman.

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* recipe coming tomorrow on my new recipes post!


Leanne said...

okay, friend! where is the recipe for that yummy thing on your table!!!!??
you look so pretty in your selfie!
this was my first year that my hydrangea bush bloomed! it has lovely pink flowers and brings me such joy!

Hattie said...

I had lost you for quite a while, but was so happy to find you again on the side of my daughter's blog. (God Is My Delight) I remember your blog from years ago. One time I had a back-to-school luncheon and used your idea for my table centerpiece....#2 pencils around a vase of flowers. Now a happy memory. Oh, my! I wonder how many years ago that was! I look forward to catching up now. I thoroughly enjoyed this post!
God's blessings!

Unknown said...

Yes. I need to choose peace and slow instead of stress. :)

Mom said...

Wise words and great photos :)

Little Penpen said...

A beautiful post...slowing down has truly been on my heart lately.

Stacy said...

Love this post also!

Blissful & Domestic said...

Love this sweet reminder :)

Nori Coleman said...

Lovely and oh so true!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi Leanne: Recipe for Cactus Bread is here :)

Happy Friday! :)

Leanne said...

thanks, Monica!!!!!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I so love that quote about peace. I do something called "Sunday Sayings" on my blog and I think I'm going to share that one. Great photos and I LOVE your hair by the way!! Happy weekend to you and yours!! : )

~ Wendy

*carrie* said...

Oh, my, that cactus bread does look amazing.

High slow/low stress?! =)