Friday, July 10, 2015

Slow Fourth

After more than month of travel and company - we set aside the 4th weekend to be slow and home and just together as a family. I sat on the couch a lot!!!!

Before our day got too hot, I wanted to start with a festive picnic! Also love this: hydrangeas and blueberries were from our yard!

After breakfast, a huge Lego session commenced!

The late afternoon consisted of reading, taking a nap and an easy dinner followed up by a storm that cooled the air and calmed the bugs. With that combo, I dashed outside to enjoy my front porch! And, {gasp} I actually had to put on a light sweater! My sweets played happily around me and it was just dreamy. Back inside, more reading, Boggle and such continued the fun until we did sparklers after dark! It was a great day!!!


Simply Quaint said...

Monica your photos are just so amazing, I wish one day to take such wonderful memories......sounds like the perfect day to me!.......


Jennifer Williams said...

Such a beautiful post! Lovely and happy photos! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day. :-)

Android said...

What a lovely day, Monica!
I adore your festive touches. So glad it was restful for you and your sweet family.

-Kim from Philadelphia

Mom said...

Great photos of your Fourth - glad it was such a good day! :)

Unknown said...

I love how you make everything so beautiful! That book looks so good! :)

Lolo said...

Hi Monica! I messaged you on FB, it may have gone to your "other" folder. Ariel sent me!! :)