Monday, July 20, 2015

Camping Part 1

The magic of camping on the banks of a mountain creek! The healing and refreshing bubbling sounds never stop and continuously provide nourishment. Baseball played with a stick for a bat and games of how many rocks you can hop to. Mama and Daddy sitting on the banks reading and just listening and soaking everything in.

I love this once a year family camping tradition we have started {once you do something twice it is started in our house!} What sweet memories and fun we've had together!

The gift of getting to wear a thrifted sweatshirt in JULY! And, sit creekside and read and journal and pray and just be still.

Heady childhood summer memories and little boy dirt! Camping and slowing - a summer gift!


Unknown said...

Gift is right! Looks like yall had fun! Thanks for sharing :). Christina

Mom said...

Yay for camping and yay for family traditions! :) So glad you all had this great time together! Love you, Mom

Shelby said...

Looks like fun Monica and memories that will not be forgotten:)

Lisa said...

Cute pics. Did you like the book you have shown?