Thursday, June 04, 2015

Slow Summer: Sparklers and S'mores

Memorial Day Weekend came and I was really wanting to do fun summery things with my sweets. Obstacle one: we don't have a fire pit, ring, anything and I am not good at building fires even though I was a Girl Scout.

Obstacle two: I didn't want to spend much if anything to pull off the fire outdoors. And, I didn't want to burn out yard or just dig a hole either.

Obstacle three: I woke up that day with a sore throat and felt pretty crummy all day.

In the end, I bought the biggest foil pan I could get for $1 at the Dollar Tree and built a small fire in that! Worked great! We had so much fun roasting marshmallows and playing croquet that I genuinely did feel better after we spent this special time together - this is a common theme for me and I know that doing things like this does bless me even when there are obstacles to overcome.

After that, we had fun with $1 worth of sparklers - these little things add up to heaps of memories to treasure and enjoy together!!!! One of my greatest motivations for slowing is the beautiful memories that are born out of slowing.


Unknown said...

Perfect! Christina

Shelby said...

Sweet, I love the cookie idea that you do. I'm going to have to try that. said...

It is so true those little moments make huge memories! We have used steno cans on the front porch before for s'mores. They work great and if you have a gas stove that works, too. Where do you get the sparklers? I would like to do that, looks fun!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Hi @noricoleman: they are from Dollar Tree! :)

angie said...

Using a foil pan for a campfire is brilliant! We are in temporary homes for most of the summer, so this may be an idea I have to borrow. I had a disposable charcoal which was essentially briquettes in a foil pan. We couldn't get it to light and then it got wet, so I threw away the whole thing. Our apt faces 12 acres of woods, yet I didn't think about filling the pan with sticks for a fire!
My mom always supplies my kids with sparklers sometime over the summer. Nothing replaces 'writing' your name in the sky with a sparkler. Thanks for sharing your family's slow moments as an inspiration to pause and savor in my own.