Monday, June 01, 2015

May Family Serving

* made and delivered a fun breakfast to a friend with a new baby
* helped a lady at the grocery store who was using both a walker and pushing her cart to her car
* served local homeschooling families by helping put on our local Classical Conversations Practicum
* shared meals with friends around our table
* collected money in baby bottles for our local women's center

I would love to hear your ideas for serving together as a family!


Unknown said...

Way to go! My husband and I help with a community food fair at church every month but when school let's out we let some of our teens help too! Great experience in helping others!
Christina said...

My mother started Bethlehem House, a Crisis Pregnancy Center. We have volunteered there to make baskets that contain baby items, my girls have made quilts for the babies and we have all helped with yard work there as well. It has been such a blessing for us. said...

My mother started a pregnancy Crisis Center, Bethlehem House over 10 years ago so we all have had the opportunity to serve there. The girls and I have filled the baskets for the babies with items they need. The girls have made quilts and the all of us have done yard work as well. It has been such a blessing!

Christy Stanton said...

We look for ways to serve widows in our church. We also have ministry night once a month at our church where we serve. It's a real blessing to serve those who are less fortunate: )

Recently, when I was sick, a sweet friend dropped what she was doing to take me to the emergency room when my husband was away. In spite of feeling just awful she was able to get a smile out of me with her sense of humor. Also, even though she had children of her own to take care of she helped me with mine and made sure we all had food to eat by bringing us meals that day and the next. She is a wonderful example of a servants heart :)