Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe for a Petite in a Hot Climate

Thank you for all of your great suggestions and thoughts on my summer clothes struggle! I checked out every suggestion provided and appreciate all of your encouragement as well.

Now I wanted to post a little update as I've had some success and enjoyed my summery options every day for the past couple of weeks.

Without even really trying, it turned into a capsule wardrobe which is really what I was wanting to accomplish. I had the best success sticking with the places that have proven true for me in the past and branching out and trying on a few new styles/colors I would not have really tried before.

Also, please note - not everything here is new - some of it I've had for a while and figured just added a new top or have worn it together in a new way!

Jean shorts: ana Petite from JC Penney
Casual white skirt: St. John's Bay - thrifted
Casual denim skirt: Target
Navy blue shorts: Talbots - thrifted pair of pants that I cut off and made into shorts
Khaki pants that roll up to capris: I think these are from Belk
Skinny jeans: Liz Claiborne petites from JC Penney
Striped maxi skirt: Kohl's petites

Black/white pin stripe with lace cutouts: Loft petites
Light blue with white quilting: Loft petites
Raspberry with white: Loft petites
Gray with lacey edges: Loft petites
Multi colored dots: Loft petites from a few years ago
Blue t-shirt with polka dots: Cherokee thrifted
Black/white striped with lace: Loft outlet petites
Navy/Gray stripe: Aeropostale thrifted

I love that these tops can be worn in nearly any combination with the bottoms. There are some pairings I prefer, but it gives me a lot of options.

Light sweaters {for church or somewhere with frigid a/c mostly!}
Navy/White stripe with lace shoulders: Loft Outlet petites
Gray short sleeve with ruffle: JC Penney petite from a few years ago
Mint/White thin cardigan: this is my one and only success from Stitch Fix

That's it! This is 18 clothing pieces {I did not count layering tanks that I wear under almost everything for modesty} that will be able to make up my summer outfits. Some of these I can wear to church also, I do have a few other summery things in my closet that I could switch in for church {like the slate blue jacket shown below} or even causal wear, but these are the things I feel the best in and will enjoy wearing the most.

I'm super minimalistic on shoes - I will probably wear the same pair of sandals with all of these unless I'm going to church then I might wear flats.

Here are a few combinations I've worn so far:

I've enjoyed feeling pretty and confident in clothes that fit well and suit my personality! Feeling very thankful!!!!


Shelby said...

Oh Monica I love it, those cloths are so you:). So glad you had success and you will look super cute in all of the outfits.

Mom said...

This is great - I'm so glad you had success with this wardrobe which has so many possible combinations and that you feel good about! :)

Amber said...

You've found some great choices!

Unknown said...

Very cute outfits, Monica! Thank you for sharing :)

Leanne said...

super cute!!!! be sure to take pictures of you in the clothes!! I always have some sort of long sleeve option available for freezing restaurants and grocery stores!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Love all the tops! Now can you come over and help me? LOL


Anonymous said...

I love your choices and I love your style! I am very slowly trying to do the same for myself. Thank you for sharing!

Carly said...

Love what you ended up with! They all look very "you'. :)

Blissful & Domestic said...

I love all of your cute outfits!! So stylish and modest!!

Angie said...

I try to create a mix and match wardrobe based on a comon color when I pack for travel. I find it so liberatiing to narrow the choices to what is contained in my suitcases. Presently, in our temp housing, I' have access to about 3 weeks worth of outfits. During this time of temp living and frequent travel, I haven't missed the rest of my wardrobe at all. Knowing that I will have far less storage space in our new home and far less extremes of termperatures, I hope to slim down my choices. I'll admit to having trouble getting rid of clothing that fits,, is in good condtion, and that I 'may' need in the future.
I love all of your choices and their ability for countless combinations. Have you taken everything else out of your closets and dressers? I've read about capsule wardrobes, but this is a question I have not seen addressed. Do you envision yourself creating a capsule for fall and winter?

*carrie* said...

So glad you've found some cute pieces that fit well. Interesting how much of it is Loft Petite! Do you have an outlet nearby? I can't remember.

Kelli said...

Love your oitfite. I am only 4'11" and find it very hard to find the right type of clothes for. Y body. I don't care for shorts and find myself in skirts just about every day.

Jenny said...