Friday, March 27, 2015

Renew: Part Two

Let's keep going with looking at references to the word renew in God's Word:

Psalm 104:30 - God renews the "face of the earth"  when He sends His Spirit.

Isaiah 40:31, "...renew their strength..."

Who will have their strength renewed?
- Those who hope in the Lord!
- Everyone gets run down; even the "youth" grow tired and weary, stumble and fall.

Where am I right now? Renewed in strength? Tired and weary?

What does it mean to "hope" in the Lord?
- Remember, hope in the Bible is not the way we usually think of hope - like wishing for something that may or may not happen. Our true hope is in the surety that these promises in His Word WILL happen - we just don't know when or even how.
- Hope in the Lord is looking to Him for strength and renewal, for everything; acknowledging it is not us/our strength, but His!

Read Isaiah 40:28-29 - how do these verses give you an infusion of hope and strength?
- God is forever; there is no time without Him
- All-powerful Creator of the universe
- He doesn't get tired or weary like we do
- He gives strength to the weary
- He increases power of the weak

Think of the eagle - describe that picture:
- majestic bird
- soar - not struggling, but smooth riding on the air currents
- not wearing himself out with lots of flapping or falling
- flying high, doing what he was created to do

Can you think of a time you felt like you were acting in God's strength; soaring?

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