Friday, February 06, 2015


Slow has become part of me, I have this longing to stick with studying it and seeking it. I just can't get enough. It is not so much that I lay around and do nothing - not that kind of slow. It is the kind of slow that has time to enjoy beauty, cultivate beauty in our home and the lives who share it, rejoice in the way the sun shines through the trees or the sounds of the birds waking us in the morning.

It thrills me when one of my children says, "Oh, look at that sky mama!" or calls me to point out some other moment of beauty.


There was a comment on my Slow Day post recently wondering how I got started on this. I surprised even myself when I went back through my blog and discovered it has not been 18 months but 2 1/2 years since this idea began.

Here was my first Slow Day post. There is also this about Why Slow Day? And, What is Slow Day? I think it is also very telling that Slow Days are my absolute favorite days always. And, then there is the How of Slow Day.

I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of learning about Slow. It still feels like a deep well to explore. And, I am drawn to it in a very compelling way.


Settling into my word for this year has proven to be very difficult for me: rest. And, I was dreadfully missing my word slow.  It came to me that my word rest can be just that - rest. I don't need to analyze it, study it, dive into it or anything else, I just need to rest in it.

And, I can certainly continue to seek slow also. Slow feels like my mission right now - God is just continually stirring my heart in this idea. In what it means - to have a SLOW heart and mind set.


I am continuing to seek Slow, to study it, to write about it in my own times of reflection. The idea began on the Castle Terrace at Glen Eyrie one on of my mama retreat days yet continues to grow and take shape within my heart and home.


 Slow, I cannot get enough of you. Thank you for becoming such a part of me. How can a word, a concept feel like a friend? I don't know - but you definitely feel this to me.


Anonymous said...

I truly enjoy your posts sharing your slow days. There is a quiet...a peace...a "slowing" in them. Just seeing the pictures you words....I think helps the rest if us slow with you as well. I hope you continue with them!

Kelli said...

I love your blog...I too have started slow days. Although we can. to always have a slow day we can have slow nights. I have been trying to blog about them when possible so I can look back on them.
Have a good weekend.

Denise said...

How can it feel like a friend? Because He has given it to You. That is that rest, comfort, stability, strength, shelter HE promises! Thank you for sharing your journey of obedience in this with us! And you found (or made?) prints to go along with it! Am wondering where or how you got those??