Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slow: Acts 27:7

* Here in this passage we see the making of very slow progress by ship on a journey to Italy. Pual was a prisoner and winter was fast approaching.

* vs. 24-25 bring some hope and lessons
* Frequently I will think to myself that if I am struggling to make something happen, or almost forcing it - it is not likely what I should be doing. Such was the case for the crew of this ship.

* Staying close to God and not only listening to Him but also obeying Him is truly the best place for me to be in the center of His will.
* What am I seeing slow progress in? Am I seeking God to make sure I'm in His will?


Elise said...

Rachel with the baby on her back...So sweet!!!

Side note: My proving that I'm not a robot had me type in the words/letters "similar" and "ursane". Haha!

The Mayo Family said...

Oh lovely and it was great to see some "spring"!
Up here, we still have LOTS of snow and c-o-l-d! Brr...
Thank you for the post...your pictures are always so lovely!
Hope that you are doing well...
God Bless you!