Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Slow Soul Food

Can you tell we are still Christmasing in our house?! I think with being gone for most of December several years in a row - I just had this hunger to celebrate in our own space and with special things and traditions we've collected over the years.

One night when David was at work, I had plenty of leftovers in the fridge that I contemplated pulling out for dinner. It would be simple and oh-so-easy. But I also had a bin in the living room of Christmas things that I took a few minutes to look through and see if there was anything I still wanted to enjoy before we packed Christmas away.

I came across these pancake molds that my aunt passed on to me and knowing how much my crew loves pancakes - I decided a candlelight pancake party was just the ticket. I know I will never ever regret not eating leftovers one Saturday evening and choosing instead to stir, pour, flip and serve memories mixed with love.

Times like these remind me of why Slow Days are my favorite day of the week. They are beauty and the pace is less and the memories are sweeter. Over and over I realize as I look through past posts that my absolutely favorite days are Slow Day. What can I learn from that?

Slow Days and even Slow moments here and there are the times when I choose beauty, creativity, memory making, candlelight and shaped Christmas pancakes with sprinkles. I am the first to admit that I can't necessarily live like that all day every day, they are always chores waiting and needs to be tended.

But what I learn time and time again is this: Slowing feeds my soul. I can't get enough of Slow Day photos, posts, study. I have prayed through my SLOW acronym from last year: surrender, listen, obey, worship again on Slow Days this year. And, again I feel that this may be a lifetime word for me.

When I worked at Glen Eyrie, I remember my boss saying something about his life message, perhaps this is mine. Slow Day. I am more than ok with that and passionate about continuing this in my home and sharing this with others.

Not every Slow Day or Slow moment is exceedingly peaceful and memorable - sometimes they end in frustration. But, the over-arching consistency is that when I reflect, there is a peacefulness and joy in delighting over how we spent our time together.

It is also worth noting {again} that not everyone finds joy in creating shaped pancakes and stripey straws and things like that for dinner. Go with your own Slow and what works for you and your family. What provides that soul food and refreshment for you?

I have enjoyed this January SO very much and I think it is largely due to the fact that we are still celebrating and enjoying Christmas fun! I'm enjoying the joy of little faces when they discover shaped pancakes, candlelight glow and reflecting on windows, laughing at the dripping wax, finding placecards in a Christmas box that Rachel made last year and enjoying them again.

Thank You, Lord for SLOW! How about you? Have you been blessed by SLOW?


Shelby said...

Ahhh I love this and can feel the slow in your pictures. Love pancake nights and the extra love that you pour into making it special. Blessings my friend:)

Anonymous said...

Monica i love your SLOW posts. They are always a good reminder for me to slow!!! I also love your Jesse tree ornaments <3!!! tammy

Ellie said...

I just love your slow posts, they are fabulous! They are always a blessing to me and a reminder to take the time to step off the merry go round that can be life sometimes, and enjoy the slowing down.

Ginger said...

One day--hopefully in a few years--I will experience SLOW. I just took my Christmas tree down yesterday! whose concern is it but mine, right?

angie said...

I've noticed in doing laundry over the past few weeks, that we have had many pj days! Especially Hanna and me. I've learned that I enjoy being productive on a daily basis, but cherish the opportunity to do so without ever getting dressed or leaving the house.
I find that my soul is nourished by putting together gifts for others and writing notes to lift up others.
While I really don't like to cook, I do enjoy cutting up veggies and fruits for inclusion in meals. And I get a sense of satisfaction from preparing healthy lunches for my clan.
Lately, if I can't get to a craft project that is running through my mind, I assemble the needed materials on my craft table. Somehow, knowing that they are waiting for makes finding time to work it more attainable.
I also enjoy your SLOW posts, even though I usually favor word heavy posts.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have always loved your slow day posts. Can I ask how and when do you decided to make this apart of your lives?

Dawn said...

A bout of hand foot and mouth virus, followed quickly by 5 of our kids having the flu, extended our Christmas vacation by a full week. Granted the kids were sick, but I found great pleasure in tending them with medicine and lots of hot tea, keeping all the dishes washed up, and finding things to keep the sick ones occupied and content.The work was slow, steady, and methodical. There was no need to rush, because we couldn't leave the house.
It was a blessing in disguise!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

More SLOW posts coming! I just cannot get the desire for it out of my system. I think Rest is gone for my word of the year and Slow is back!