Thursday, January 01, 2015

Let's Have a Chat

Happy New Year, Friends!

Lately I've had so much to post and catch up on that my posts have been a couple of weeks behind real life. But tonight, I am just in the mood to chat real-time and catch up with what is on my heart and mind.

I'm mulling over my word for the year which I just wrote a post about and will publish in the near future. If you are tired, I think you'll be able to relate.

I got a cast-iron skillet from my Grandma over the holidays which used to be my Great-Grandma's! Yay! I've been wanting one and am so thrilled that it also has sentimental value. I made rolls in it tonight and have been drooling all over Pinterest and recipes to try in it. I re-seasoned it and everything. Do you realize how charming food looks in a cast iron skillet?!

Speaking of charming and food, you should have seen my Aunt, Grandma and I all in Hy-Vee over the weekend as I sorted through all the glass bottles of milk looking for charming words. It is hard to explain but I was fairly giddy at seeing milk in glass bottles not to mention ones that were so cute. I bought one for myself {"yummy" in case you are curious} and one for a friend {"family"} and as soon as we got to my other Aunt's house I wished I had bought more than two! Mine is already filled at home and serving our family - love.

I nearly had a melt down in Wal-Mart today. Rachel was with me and she wanted to peruse the toys for a couple of gifts she had in mind. Confession: I do not do perusing well on toy aisles. I get so seriously antsy and restless that I can hardly stand it. Lesson learned: lazily walking toy aisles is officially Daddy territory. He rocks it. I, on the other hand, complete fail. I had to tell that sweet girl to take it up with her Daddy but I was d-o-n-e. One good thing that came out of our Wal-Mart soiree is these white hydrangeas!

Completely changing the subject, I've been wanting to crochet a shawl. I especially love this one. I have started and ripped it out no less than half a dozen times. I am getting the basics but it just keeps getting longer by row. Is it supposed to? The stitches look right but then after four or five rows the shape starts to look wonky. Are any of you fabulous at crochet? I would love some help in figuring this out or I might even be willing to just send you my yarn and pay you to make it for me.

If I had the time and mental energy right now, I would love to sit down and order all four back issues of this and soak them all in. Perhaps I can work on them throughout the coming year!

I can't wait until my new friend and photographer at our recent family Christmas gathering sends pix! We had a crisp but gorgeous Colorado morning and I had a ball setting up a swoony Hot Chocolate Bar! Here is a peek:

Well, I think my brain is ready to say good night - this was a very fun post to write so perhaps I'll ramble again soon!


Mom said...

This was a fun post to read, too - so ramble anytime you like! :)

Love you, Mom

Wendi said...

Milk in a glass jar. Swoon! Well, almost anything in a glass jar is swoony. :)

The word for the year around here is change. There are some things that aren't bringing me (us) joy, so this is the year for change.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with sweet memories!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Lots of folks are talking about words of the year. I love words. But, for the life of me - one, just one - is not settling. It kind of makes me chuckle to myself. I will not stress over it. ha!

But... I can certainly relate to your disposition in the toy-aisle. I think I would have responded quite similar.
And my hubby - yeah, he rocks (such things) it too!

Great post to read!! Happy, Happy New Year! I love that white hydrangea and that garland of mini marshmallows and cranberry. Cute!

Stephanie said...

I totally understand what you mean about not being able to handle taking the kids toy shopping - for the most part, my husband does all the clothes shopping with our girls. The mall is so overwhelming and what better person for a little girl to hear what looks good and appropriate on them than their daddy. A win-win situation. : )

Love the rambly post. : )

Denise said...

Love your post! I can't wait to read your future posts! Word of the year. Christmas. Colorado!! Ahhh. Cute strand of cranberries & marshmallows??? Oh my! I could see doing that for my grands, however, all the marshmallows would be gobbled up quickly! ~Denise

Ginger said...

My word is intentional.

Lisa said...

We cook in cast iron all the time. The quality is fantastic.

Wal-Mart is a place I avoid at all costs. Toy aisles are to be avoided anywhere.

The shawl is gorgeous. I can make a simple afghans but nothing that fancy.

Please keep up the rambling. I always enjoy your thoughts.

Happy 2015!

Shelby said...

Love this post, I have a couple of words and trying to narrow it down to one is hard. I feel a little frazzled lately. Trying to find my slow is hard. Love this post and you:)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I enjoyed your post today! I love visiting here. My word is Foward, kind of inspired by Ann Voskamp. I had such a rough past year I didn't want to even do it, but visiting her and you inspired me! I am anxious to read your post on your word! I only faithfully read 2 blogs. Yours. And Holy Experience! Thanks for adding bits of joy in my life. You allow Jesus to shine!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I found out how to comment on your blog. I love your blog and all your sweet photos. This post was great, ramble anytime.
Happy New Year!


Monica Wilkinson said...

@Wendi - yes to the glass jars and ANYTHING!!! I hope that change brings about the missing joy :) Great to hear from you!

@Bevy: No stress definitely! Especially over a word :) It works for me, but if it doesn't - toss it out!

@Stephanie Shepherd - yes! Love those win-wins and especially time with Daddy. Sweet!

@Denise Hunt - yes, marshmallows! Can you believe no one even asked for a marshmallow off of there - ha!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger - love that word too, my friend!

@Lisa - so do you oil your cast iron after each use? I did season but on the Lodge website it says ideally to oil after each use. Not sure that is super practical but if it is the best way to go I can be trained :) Same here on crochet. I got the stitches so not sure what my problem is but oh well!

@Shelby - thank you for those words, my friend - you made me smile today.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Mrs. Chrissy - I like that word - forward. Could have lots of different directions to take! Blessings in your new year!

@Coleen - I opened the comments for a rare moment last night, most of the time they are closed but it was so fun perhaps I will open them again more often :)

Leanne said...

Merry Christmas!
after a completely exhausting holiday season, my new word for the year is Simple... Complicated seems to have been our last year-- we moved, my oldest, Christopher became very sick, I was diagnosed with glaucoma, we changed homeschool curriculums 3 times... just one of those years!
I LOVED THIS RAMBLING POST!! and I love reading your thoughts and looking at your pics every day! such a lovely heart you have :-) and I melt down just going into Walmart with any of my I can relate!
Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Aaaaa!!!! You turned your comments on for this post!! How fun!! This post was the many great links, too. It did feel like a little chat. :)

angie said...

Milk in glass bottles--how divine!
Deeply Rooted is a new publication to me. Do you read it in print or digital?
I was given a cream shawl, but didn't like that it had no closure to keep it snug on the shoulders. If you think you could add to it, I can get it out of donation bag and send to you. I can send pics if interested.
My 2015 word, I believe, is adapt. Another possible move is on the horizon, but this time it is CA. Not my cup of tea.

Jenny said...

Aaaaa!!!! You turned your comments on for this post!! How fun!! This post was the many great links, too. It did feel like a little chat. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Monica!!! Love to cook in cast iron we have 4 pans i think. One i call Goliath and we use that one alot!!! Probably every day. I also have one that was my grandfather's, such a sweet part of family history. Enjoy your January!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that last comment was from me, tammy!

Heather said...

I loved this post! Sometimes when I write in my journal it's very stream-of-consciousness too, and it was very fun to read. :)

You're so full of life and so inspired, Monica. Thanks for sharing that with us. <3

Debra said...

Loved this post! I'm with you on perusing toy aisles. I think I shop so much for necessities that the last thing I want to do in my free time is look at toys 'for fun'. :)