Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas Card Prayer Book

Inspired by this pin on Pinterest that my sweet friend Gaye sent me - we set out to figure out how to make these. It turned into a fun Christmas Crafternoon where we completed several projects - what fun!

After researching numerous book cover projects online, they all required a special hole punch, grommet tool, etc... so I made up something simpler that is clearly not as polished but ever-so-functional just the same.

Totally loving the idea of putting your Christmas cards/letters/photos inside and keeping this on your dinner table to pray for these dear people in your life throughout the year ahead!

So, if you want to make one yourself - here is how ours were done. Old hardback books were mostly from the thrift store and a couple from the free rack at the library. It is quick and easy to slice off the covers with an ex-acto knife.

Once you have your covers off, take a Sharpie and mark where you want your holes to end up. Then using a hammer and nail just poke a small hole in the covers. As long as it just barely pokes through you can make it work.

We used 2 inch rings, just take your ring and poke it through the hole you started with the screw. Repeat for each hole, click rings and voila!

As your cards arrive, hole punch and enjoy! You can adorn the rings with fabric if desired and I also made a little title tag for the front with paper and stamps.