Monday, November 24, 2014

Lay Your Burdens Down

I recently had the privilege of sharing at our monthly homeschool meeting and am posting what I shared here as well. May it be a blessing and bring glory to God!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  

Welcome! Let me give you a quick overview of what to expect for the hour. I am a writer, not a speaker – so you may find me reading to you rather than speaking to you. But this is what we are going to do tonight: We are going to start by quieting our hearts and lightening our load. We will do some group study together and then I was thinking about one thing moms crave and at least for me and that is time to sit with Jesus and be still. So we will have some of that as well. And I’ll close us in prayer.
Let's begin by quieting our hearts: during this time of quieting think of one or more burdens you are carrying right now – jot it down on a card in the middle of your table. {For those of you reading my blog, the cards are pictured above if you want to print one off.} We are going to lighten our load tonight, bring our baggage to Him and leave it for Him to carry. You can come up any time during the song and drop your card in the suitcase for Him to carry. Don’t put your name on it, this is for you alone.