Friday, October 31, 2014

Slow in the Midst of Chaos

During our recent chaos, I craved normal, beauty, slowing, cozy. We stayed home from Tuesday to Tuesday straight and it was nice to be home that long but I was working soooo hard from 8am-11pm every day just to keep up and get things clean, vacuum, comb out heads of hair, change sheets and more. It is absolutely exhausting and not just physically.

I tried to sneak in moments of soul nourishment here and there. But I confess, overall my attitude was pretty yucky. I started Friday with these amazing quiche lorraine scones I've had pinned for a while. YUM. The end. They were amazing! And, they freeze well too I've since discovered. Friday ended up being a low point for us - but it was still worth starting the day with beauty which of course included feeding on God's Word.

I read Psalm 46 aloud after my Grandma mentioned it. It met me where I was in a deep place of need.

And, then a dose of reality - one of the days I took every single article of clothing from the girls dressers and washed, dried, folded and sorted it all. Then I taped the drawers shut for now! By the time this posts, Lord willing they will be untaped and we will be returning to some sense of normal life.

Here's the thing: it is very hard to slow in the midst of chaos. It feels like there is not time to slow, there is no mental energy or physical energy or emotional energy. And I know it depends on your personality how you slow. One of the ways I slow is to try a new recipe or make something lovely - for some that is not restful or peaceful at all and THAT IS OK!!!!!!! There is value in the slowing whatever form it takes.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mini Slow Day


Day two of the major deep clean dawned and I announced we were cleaning for our school that day! We cleaned the Living Room from ceiling to floor - literally. All the pillows and quilts are in quarantine so this is bare bones but it is clean and done. We were working for the reward of a picnic lunch and a little crafty fun outside. Sharpie art - ridiculously simple and yet they loved it - thank you once again to Shannan FPFG! My littles were all shocked that I managed to sneak the Fall Party cakes in without them noticing! Ha! I didn't even really try to be that secretive - but it was fun to pull it off!

I started a glitter garland but after finishing one letter my spray adhesive stopped spraying. I just set it aside for another day. Littles pretended to camp and made baked potatoes {magnolia cones} and salads {above} a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

There is an up side to having to deep clean the house. The house is clean. Lovely.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Slow Day

This is what Slow Day looks like when you have just discovered a lice invasion - eeeeekkkkksssss! Major cleaning commenced via  this list.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 4

Jonah 2:10 -
How did God respond to Jonah's prayer? He acted and the fish obeyed.
- How does this give you hope for seeing how God hears our prayers? How He responds to a soft heart and watches over/cares for us?

Jonah 3:1-2 -
Jonah's assignment is issued - it has not changed from 1:1 but his response has.

Jonah 3:3 -
Look at the contrast of Jonah's responses:
1:3, "But Jonah __________   ______________ from the Lord."
3:3, "Jonah _________________ the word of the Lord and went to Nineveh."

Jonah 3:4-5 -
Jonah enters Nineveh and shares the message God has provided.
- How is it received?
- The people did at least three things in response, look in vs. 5 to find them:
1. they believed God
2. declared a fast
3. put on sackcloth

Take a minute to glance over your list of things we learned about the Ninevites. Does their response startle you in light of their reputation?

Jonah 3:6-9 -
Next we see that God's message makes it all the way to the top! List the actions involved in the king's response:
- rose from his throne
- took off his royal robes
- put on sackcloth
- sat in dust
- decreed a fast
- decreed sackcloth
- urges everyone to "call urgently on God"
- decrees that all should give up their evil ways

The King lowered himself and was doing the same things he asked of his people. He humbled himself. They are beginning to s.l.o.w.....

Jonah 3:10 -
Look at God's response, "He had ____________________ and _______ _______ bring the destruction He had promised."
- What does that do to your heart?
- How does it encourage or comfort you? 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Slow: Jonah Part 3

Beginning in Chapter 2 this time -


Finally, we see Jonah respond to God positively rather than running away. He prays. Perhaps he had prayed before this but it seems noticeable that this is the first prayer of Jonah mentioned.

Where was Jonah when he prayed?
Why is it important to note to WHOM he prayed?

I don't see Jonah ASKING for anything here. Notice the tone of his prayer which looks similar to a Psalm. Note all the references to God:

vs. 2 - He answered me
vs. 2 - You listened to my cry
vs. 3 - You hurled me into the deep
vs. 3 - Your waves and breakers swept over me
vs. 4 - Your holy temple
vs. 6 - You brought my life up from the pit
vs. 7 - I remembered You
vs. 7 - my prayer rose to You
vs. 7 - Your holy temple
vs. 9 - I will sacrifice to You
vs. 9 - salvation comes from the Lord

Is there one of these points that stands out to you above the others? For me, it was - "When my life was ebbing away, I remembered You, Lord."

Did Jonah ever FORGET God? Probably not, but he did lose sight of his perspective, he did lose faith, trust and a s.l.o.w. heart.

Practice thanksgiving like Jonah did - what can you find from his story to be thankful for?
- God cared for the Ninevites even in their wickedness
- God protected the ship crew and made Himself known to them
- God provided for Jonah and protected him as well
- God cared for Jonah's heart
- God remained true to His character

Now, how can you apply this exercise to your own life? Pick the hardest situation you are in right now, can you find things to be thankful for?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Slow Weekend

Apple Pumpkin Gingerbread Muffins - perhaps a little room service tea party!?

An empty fruit can leads me on a hunt for a few blooms, these paired with muffins were delivered to a sweet friend in the CC Blessing Basket.

Build a cool new Lego creation! A drive through ice cream shoppe of course! Courtesy of Rachel.