Monday, July 28, 2014

More of Plymouth

After lunch, we headed to see the Mayflower replica. It is very hard to imagine the journey in such tight quarters under such unpleasant conditions. It must have felt unbearable at best, and it reminds me to think of what despair led these people to make such a decision to leave familiar and travel to the unknown. Wow.

We were told on board that those who could afford it built a little "cabin" space which really means that their bed was up off the floor and had a little curtain across the open side. Others had their beds on the floor. Our three children are in one of these "cabin" spaces and another lady told us they probably slept exactly like our kids were sitting - there wasn't really room to lay down especially not for an entire family.

Next, we enjoyed a pretty {although quite warm!} walk to the Grist Mill. The early settlers had a great vision for needing a more efficient way of grinding corn in particular. This was an interesting stop! Downstairs, they had lots of hands-on activities we enjoyed!