Monday, July 07, 2014

Come to Me

As I mentioned yesterday, I really enjoyed this post and after reading it began processing this thought of rest and also processing the thoughts in Matthew 11:28-30 these are the thoughts which followed.

Brainstorming Rest:
* My job is to come, take, learn.
* He promises: rest.
* The key to soul rest is in the coming to Him.
* If my yoke is hard and my burden is heavy, I am not truly coming to Him the way I need to be. This does not mean things won't be hard and heavy - but that I am not to carry them around as mine without giving that burden over to Him for help.

What I see of Jesus in Matthew 11:28-30:
* He is gentle and humble-hearted, modeling beauty
* When coming to Him, one needs a soft and receptive heart, teachable and moldable.
* He will meet me when I come. He will receive me and even welcome me. My priorities will have to be in order as I will need to set aside other things for this coming.
* Jesus gives rest for my soul, a heart at eternal peace, a life/soul/heart resting in Him.

As I ponder rest and slow and yet continue to struggle with feeling frantic in all that needs to be done - I remember: "Come to Me." That right there is the key to SLOW!!!!

Coming to Him! Surrender to Him, listening to Him, obeying Him and worshiping Him. And in that coming, in that surrender, listening, obedience and worship ~ there is rest for my soul.

Let it be, Lord. Amen.