Thursday, May 01, 2014

Slow Meals

The weather has been lovely this past week and the porch was just there beckoning me outside to enjoy its beauty for dinner!

Dinners on the porch are slower - we sit and watch the light sparkle through the trees, littles run off and climb on the swing as soon as they're done eating, we listen to the chatter and melody of the birds and feel the gentle breeze wash over us as we rest for a few minutes.

Food that tastes like summer is a welcome treat at these slow porch meals. We tried this new BBQ Chicken Salad this weekend and it is a definite keeper!

Meanwhile, I have been looking for a round galvanized tray for years and found one over the weekend at TJ Maxx - yay! I know I will have fun using it for many slow porch meals to come!!!

So thankful for this gift of slowing, enjoying beauty, creating memories and loving together.