Monday, February 10, 2014

Slow Journal

Rush and hurry - I've observed it is a trigger for me to get stressed and therefore to put pressure on others in my home because I'm struggling. David is so good at this - if I am on my way out he frequently says, "Take your time, no rush."

That is such a blessing to me and hard for me to accept the truth of it sometimes. This past week started busy. But no busier than usual, the part that made it busier than usual was my response to the busy.

It continues to be a learning process to make good decisions that don't crunch my time too tight, add too much pressure or make me feel hurried/rushed.

The days that I make better choices and allow more "white space" go much more smoothly. I'm also finding that in busy or days where I don't make great Slow decisions that I miss beauty. I don't want to miss beauty but to continue to value, pursue and create beauty.

Later in the week, we had more space in our days. Time for games, reading on the couch, taking a nap. I still got done the things I needed to do through working diligently through my chores and then resting when that was needed as well.

Slow. Definitely still a work in progress in this heart!