Monday, February 03, 2014

Birthday Fun!

Breakfast in Bed, a fun field trip, lunch at Steak & Shake, pizza and camo cupcakes at home and then to the theatre to see Frozen. What a fun day Samuel {and the rest of us!} had!! I'll share his party tomorrow as we had that Saturday - too much fun for just one post :)

Inspiration links:
Camo Cupcakes tutorial {frosting was HARD to do, but I compromised with swirling the three colors together on top and popping an army guy on there}
Army guys: found an entire bucket at a garage sale one time for a dime
Canteens: I got them free from a friend {yay!} but they originally came from Oriental Trading
Paper Goods: Carrie sent me the napkins left from Nathan's b'day and I found the exact matching plates at a local party supply store. I did not intend to copy the camo idea, but it seemed to fit Samuel's interests so well right now. While her idea came from more of a hunting slant, ours came from a more military slant. Both super fun!
Camo Cupcake Papers: Wal-Mart