Monday, January 20, 2014

O: Order

As I have typed the last two days posts, it has continued to come to my mind that there is an important statement about slowing.

Slow is not lazy.

Life still goes on and we cannot sit in slow and forever hope that the laundry will stay caught up, dinner will magically appear on the table and the house will stay clean.

But. Slow has more room to thrive when we have a method, a plan and when we strive to create order. This will look different for every home, for every life - but when we seek to simplify and streamline everyday tasks, we create space for slow.

I am not the most organized person in the world. I am good at managing my time, but my Mom and sister can blow my organization out of the water - they are just very good at maintaining and I'm so-so. I would like to be more organized and keep it that way and I put in noble effort - but it does not always stick.

My Mom and I love this thought from the Fly Lady - when she shares about her Home Blessing Hour idea, she notes that even if we don't finish it we have still blessed our home by the parts we have gotten done.

Any order I do maintain is a blessing. Any planning ahead I do manage is a blessing. Any chore I did get done today is a blessing. I need to start focusing on the blessings and not on the un-done parts of my home, life, list.