Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2014: Slow


Just say that word a time or two and feel the blood pressure lower and the pace lessen. This idea of slowing has been on my heart for about a year and a half, and while I feel that we have made progress in slowing - it is on my heart anew for this coming year.

I've scribbled down lots of thoughts, questions, passages I want to look at and more. If you feel a similar nudge to slow the pace and explore what this slowing looks like in everyday life, in the Bible, in serving and responding to God's call - I hope you'll read along this year as I process these thoughts through words and photos.

When looking up slow in the dictionary, I note that it actually has quite a few negative connotations and I imagine that in our society that is absolutely accurate. I would really love to explore the blessings and benefits of slowing, the practical side, choosing a slow perspective, etc...

I invite you to a slower place, a savoring of the days and weeks ahead, a focusing on the Savior. Will you join me in slowing?


A little treat from some Christmas money for reminding me of the slow this year.