Friday, November 22, 2013

Gathering Thanksgiving

Typically by this many days before Thanksgiving I would be buzzing with all of the things I wanted to make and do in the coming days. I'm not hosting this year - but will have fun showing pictures of our special plans!

But, just for fun - I scoured my Pinterest board for a few fun links in case some of you are looking for an idea or two as Thanksgiving approaches.

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Adorable free printable labels for leftover pie containers!
Super simple and fast gratitude journals.
Crafting placemats, placecards and pretty pumpkin muffins.
I have this Thanksgiving Mad Lib printed and ready to enjoy - should be good for some laughs!
Found a super cute black and white paper tablecloth at Target that is ready for lots of littles and cousins to color and list thanks together!
Mini pumpkins to weight your tablecloth - charming!

Hope your preparations of both heart and home will be a blessing to all who gather together to give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: I've noticed when pulling up blogs recently that some small video ads are popping up in the bottom right corner. Does anyone know how to get rid of those? Is that a browser setting? I have never pursued ads on my blog and would really like to keep it that way - email me if you have ideas of how to eliminate them!