Monday, September 09, 2013

Party Planners

One Saturday afternoon recently, I returned from being gone for a few hours and the girls were bubbling over with excitement at the idea they had cooked up while I was gone. They enthusiastically shared that they were planning a Lalaloopsy Party and could they make this recipe?

It was so cute - they had gone through my recipe box while I was gone and found Pumpkin Chocolate Spice Cake and had unanimously decided it was the recipe they wanted to make. They had a plan let me tell you - games, activities, decor, and now food.

We made the cake that night after dinner and I wish I had some pictures of that - but managing three helpers in the kitchen is about all this mama can manage without adding photography into that! It was a sweet sight that I captured in my mind though.

I requested a drawing of what they were hoping the finished product would look like so we could plan our frosting colors and such ~

The next day after church, I made the frosting and let them have at it! They seemed so surprised that I would let them make the requested recipe and it pleased me to be willing to say yes. I piped the requested Lalaloopsy word - but they did everything else! Fun!