Tuesday, September 03, 2013

DIY Frozen Hashbrowns

We like this potato soup recipe but I find that I never have frozen hashbrowns on hand. I had finally put them on my list to get recently and the store we were at did not have them. I wanted to make it in the next day or two when I needed a Crock Pot meal and didn't have a chance to get to a different store.

I had this little nagging thought of wondering if I could just shred potatoes and freeze them myself. I knew if I did nothing to them they would turn color and be ruined but I was not sure what to do to them. So, when in doubt - Google it, right?!

I came across this recipe and I followed these steps except for frying the potatoes - after blanching, I froze them overnight and put in my soup in the morning in the Crock Pot. It turned out great! And, I am so pleased that I both used something I already had and saved myself the extra trip to the store! So glad to know this works now!!