Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Celebrating Rachel

Since we had already had Rachel's party, we still wanted to do something special on her day! We decided on the water park! The rain held off and we had a wonderful and good-tired kind of day!

How to sum up thankfulness for Rachel? She is colorful, vibrant, has zest for life, is very thoughtful and merciful, is kind, is sweet. She is like a living Lalaloopsy Doll, which she happens to love playing with. She loves God and His Word and has a sensitive heart to pleasing Him and her parents. She says she wants to be a nurse and/or a nurse in an orphanage taking care of children in other countries. Could her heart handle that? I know her spirit could - she has such a gift of tenderness.

Rachel is giving, loves home, is a very hard worker and diligent in homekeeping. She is a good hostess, loves to serve and is happy to choose the lower place to help someone else's wish come true.

A very fun day celebrating a sweet and fun blessing in our home! Happy 7th Birthday Rachel!